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  1. OTHFA is so much better when it is song like this. I can never listen to it after the '72 US tour. My favorite thing about that song is Plant's voice. His modified version of it just doesn't cut it.
  2. can someone pm me a link for the winston remaster?
  3. What do you speculate the setlist looking like? Do you think they opened with were gonna groove, or do you think they thought of Immigrant Song in the time between landing and the show?
  4. Roberts voice in Heartbreaker form Paris 10-10-69
  5. http://zepmasters-quality-zep-boots.blogsp...arch/label/1972
  6. This is the boot setlist Disc 1: 01. Were Gonna Groove 02. I Can't Quit You 03. Dazed and Confused 04. Heartbreaker 05. White Summer - Black Mountain Side 06. What Is And What Should Never Be 07. Moby Dick Disc 2: 01. How Many More Times 02. Bring It On Home 03. Whole Lotta Love 04. Communication Breakdown 05. C'mon Everybody 06. Somethin' Else 07. Long Tall Sally
  7. I'm starting to go crazy trying to edit this concert together with the boots that are available, Im so confused with the proper setlist. On the dvd is one way, this website another (under timeline) its different on all the topics i looked at and its different on every boot website. Which one has the accurate setlist?
  8. If you go to http://zepmasters-quality-zep-boots.blogspot.com/ you can find all of the concerts with songs that werent even on the dvd with the same quality
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