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  1. Drums: John Bonham Guitar: Ritchie Blackmore Bass: John Entwistle Vocal: Paul Rodgers
  2. Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin I Pink Floyd: Dark Side of The Moon The Who: Who's Next Yes: Fragile The Doors: L.A. Woman Deep Purple: Machine Head Rolling Stones: Let It Bleed Beatles: Let It Be Queen: Queen II Genesis: Selling England by The Pound
  3. John Mayall: Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton, A Hard Road (with Peter Green), Crusade (with Mick Taylor)
  4. Kezar June 2 1973 grear recording! bonzo bass drum come through so well the ferocity of his playing it's mindblowing
  5. The whole band is unstoppable, some of my favorites on this tour are the different versions of Moby Dick. Bonzo's drums sound like canons.
  6. IMO the Bonzo feel and sound...no one can match it!
  7. + 1 Plant's quote: ‘It doesn’t matter how great you are on the drums, Jason. I love you to bits, and you play absolutely amazing. But John was the drummer in Led Zeppelin, and John was part of me and Jimmy and John Paul. We shared something very, very special.’”
  8. '69- ALAIHY, Dazed, You Shook Me, HMMT, Killing Floor '70- Immigrant Song, We're Gonna Groove, Bring It On Home, Whole Lotta Love, Communication Breakdown '71- Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed, Celebration Day, Whole Lotta Love, Thank You '72- Whole, Dazed, Stairway, SIBLY, Heartbreaker '73- SIBLY, Dazed, Song Remains The Same, Whole, Black Dog '75- Sick Again, In My Time Of Dying, Song Remains The Same, No Quarter, Whole (Theremin Battle) '77- No Quarter, Over The Hills, Achilles, Song Remains, Ten Years Gone '79- Kashmir, Achilles, Ten Years Gone, In The Evening, Sick Again '80- Kas
  9. Early Queen is a monster IMO , the power , the rawness , Brian May guitar work and tone, Freddie's vocal....i mean the whole thing is excellent
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