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  1. Early Queen is a monster IMO , the power , the rawness , Brian May guitar work and tone, Freddie's vocal....i mean the whole thing is excellent
  2. Official Releases: Box Set: The Complete Studio Recordings Box Set: Definitive Collection The Song Remains The Same Soundtrack (Original and Reissue) BBC Sessions How The West Was Won The Song Remains The Same Movie DVD (Original, Reissue and Blu Ray) Led Zeppelin DVD Bootlegs: Godfather Records Label (All Zeppelin Releases) Boogie Mama Label (All Zeppelin Releases) Wendy Label (1st and 2nd Japanese Tours)
  3. Your Time Is Gonna Come RAMBLE ON (whole song not just lyrics) Gallows Pole (same than Ramble On) Hey Hey What Can I Do Four Sticks (more often)
  4. Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay (Beelzebub Rec) Oakland Sep 2 '70
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