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  1. Happy Christmas to all who remember me :)

  2. Hi to anyone who might have a look on here..:) still not allowed to post on here for reasons I have no idea, glad to see its all still going though..take it easy :)

  3. Well I thought I would pop on to see whats going on, I see the they still wont let me post, nice to see they never change, anyway allowed on here again so again to Kiwi glad your ok and you got thei blog :), Valley girl great to see your ok too, will look for your name :)...Big Dan hope your ok and back on here, lets face it if you are back on they needed you for your wit, am sure the forum was flagging without you, Fool in the rain hope your ok too if you read. I shall pop bvack on in 5 mont...

  4. So if your ever ead it Kiwi, you know we are thinking of you as not sure if you were in Christchurch or not.

  5. Still not allowed to post by the childish mods, but come on here to check if Kiwi Zep fan is ok because of the earthquake

  6. Yes I seem to have been banned

    1. Fool In The Rain 60

      Fool In The Rain 60

      Come back leddy we miss you x

  7. I know you are , "I'm Just a Fool waiting on the wrong Block"
  8. What is and What Should Never Be.......by............
  9. leddy

    This or That

    Paint The Firm or Coverdale/Page ?
  10. For Cardiff as am off there tomorrow and do not want to get lynched once I cross the Bridge ( great place actually ) if your there give me a wave Got my passport ready
  11. I know how you feel, but even though I am not the biggest fan now, I know I still want to see him gig, maybe next time after a new album, I mean I was there in 83 seeing him anf "The principle of Moments" at times was a difficult listen to a rocker lol, but I was there loving every min
  12. Your from The Netherlands you say
  13. Hi "I dont mind" it ..........I did like the riff too that song though....good luck
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Thank you for that, great and interesting interview
  15. In your post to "Reggi"e you say sorry at least twice so Yes apology was excepted by "Reggie". So when did you see Zeppelin in concert ??
  16. Oh yeh Manders and Reggie, Houmus and Kebabs plus I would like to add Baba ghanoush and Falafel....Yum Yum Also Muscat in Oman, a beautiful city where I lived for 3 years ""
  17. Really ?? I am sure SAJ will confirm if Robert was quoted as saying that ??
  18. With respect there are few people who think just that, but in reality there was a Led Zeppelin after at the o2, whether people like it or not Led Zeppelin played in 1985(ok a bit of a push) but they did as led Zeppelin in 1988(it might not of been pretty) and again 2007. This isn't an opinion but fact...on the tin it said Led Zeppelin, people I guess should be saying they ended as we know it in 1980, because yes Bonzo died and it could never be as good or as it was. I do feel some people ( IMHO) should accept the reality that Zeppelin did some shows after Bonzo. Its very quaint to say it ended when Bonzo died, yet both Page and Jones it seems wanted to do one last Zeppelin tour after the o2 gig without Bonzo for obvious reasons. If they thought it would do the name of Zeppelin justice thne so do I as they created the music (Plant didn't want to and thats cool too), so back to your point it doesn't need to be said again as yours ay that they ended in 1980.....it Just had as we had known it.
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