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  1. Thought I would start off this again ! any Deep purple Rainbow fans out there ??
  2. Thought I would start this off to see were we have all been to see Zep related places. Headley Grange, Hants, England Edgewater Inn ,Seattle, US I also went to Raglan Castle Wales and also 96 and 98 St. Mark's Place in New York and I guess also Knebworth and Earls court as venues !!
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    This was inspired by the Elvis is not King thread, Where were you when an iconic figure in music,royalty or politics died,or as some have said major events, the moment you were stopped in your tracks. I guess the first is Elvis himself in Aug 1977, I was in my dads old Green Audi in Bournemouth, I was 11yrs old, it was a scorcher of a day and on the radio they announced "The King of Rock'n'Roll" is dead or words very much like that., I knew who he was by the fact they use to play his Song "Way Down" which I liked and was in the charts near to his death or at least it seemed so. Like many of us when we were kids I would watch some of his films. The Next is John Lennon in Dec 1980 ( sorry I just don't recall Bonzo's death). I seem to remember the news going around the school the day after his death , I remember his music being played all the time for days on the radio. Lady Diana Aug 1997, with her it was the sunday morning waking up in my exs place in Manchetser, going into the kitchen, put the radio on then i was going to make tea, hearing them talking, but they didn't say who it was, they were just saying about a tragic crash, so went into the other room and said to my partner to put the telly on as something bad has happened, thats when we realised what had happened. The whole country seemed to mourn that week. George Harrison 31 November 2001, Gee its the radio again, we were wrapping presents at home (I know early but that year we were getting it all done early) . Michael Jackson June 2009, I rememeber we were off to London trhe next day as we were off to see ACDC at Wembley Stadium, they said that at Glastonbury some of the artists were playing some of his songs on stage, I couldn't imagine ACDC doing it , I was right they didn't. Remember thinking this couldn't be right, he is about to come over here and gig, he isn't, but he was dead. Those are the ones that stick in my memory. How about you ?? do you remember when Hendrix died ?? I was only 4 so have no recollection.
  4. You know what I mean when you think back to the gigs you have been to , some moments just bring a shiver up your spine or a smile. 1- Kashmir - Led Zeppelin O2 arena 2007 Thinking of this does make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up The pounding riff, the light show, the crowd jumping, the floor shaking and just being there after the journey of getting a ticket makes this a special moment. 2- Highway Star - Deep Purple Knebworth 1985 Jon Lord playing Bach as they came on stage then kicking into the duh duh duh riff building the song up and realising I was seeing the classic Mk II lineup. It was wet, very wet, but again its a moment I will never forget 3- Mozart Flute Concerto- My Dad B.S.O Winter Gardens 1977 Please forgive me for self endulgence on this one, there were a few candidates, but none that could really take the place of this. Seeing my dad play a concerto at a wee age always makes me smile, His playing was really wonderful and as my dad is my thoughts at the mo this is up there ! You could hear a pin drop when he played a cadenza in the Mozart Flute Concerto ! My heart was in my mouth as I saw him up there and although I saw him many many times play, this one is the one I always remember the most.
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    Not really a good time to re start this thread on the new site, as The football team sucked tonight !! Its good to know nothing ever changes
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    Tell us something good and bad about something, anything even if its only bad try and think of something good about it. MULLET : GOOD : it makes you laugh when you see a pic of it now from the 1980's. BAD : Some people still persist in keeping the flame alive today.
  7. Happy Christmas to all who remember me :)

  8. I can see for purists that playing under the banner Led Zeppelin is difficult to take without Bonzo, Robert would agree with this, but they were all worthy gigs to go and play at under the name without Bonzo. Live aid is questionably the most important gig of all time. 40th anniversary, being the biggest sellers on the label it made sense I guess. O2, the death of their friend and the guy who signed them and his wish to do a concert for his charity also made sense. Maybe also because the previous two had not gone as well as maybe they could of done, to do a full show for Ahmet they could at least put the other two gigs right and leave the legacy in tact. But on the other hand they could have just gone on as the three and friends, its a difficult one.
  9. Hi to anyone who might have a look on here..:) still not allowed to post on here for reasons I have no idea, glad to see its all still going though..take it easy :)

  10. Well I thought I would pop on to see whats going on, I see the they still wont let me post, nice to see they never change, anyway allowed on here again so again to Kiwi glad your ok and you got thei blog :), Valley girl great to see your ok too, will look for your name :)...Big Dan hope your ok and back on here, lets face it if you are back on they needed you for your wit, am sure the forum was flagging without you, Fool in the rain hope your ok too if you read. I shall pop bvack on in 5 mont...

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    Here is a chance to say thanks not just to a country or city but a whole area of countries....over to you
  12. So if your ever ead it Kiwi, you know we are thinking of you as not sure if you were in Christchurch or not.

  13. Still not allowed to post by the childish mods, but come on here to check if Kiwi Zep fan is ok because of the earthquake

  14. Yes I seem to have been banned

    1. Fool In The Rain 60

      Fool In The Rain 60

      Come back leddy we miss you x

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    I know you are , "I'm Just a Fool waiting on the wrong Block"
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    Song Name Game

    What is and What Should Never Be.......by............
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    This or That

    Paint The Firm or Coverdale/Page ?
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    For Cardiff as am off there tomorrow and do not want to get lynched once I cross the Bridge ( great place actually ) if your there give me a wave Got my passport ready
  19. I know how you feel, but even though I am not the biggest fan now, I know I still want to see him gig, maybe next time after a new album, I mean I was there in 83 seeing him anf "The principle of Moments" at times was a difficult listen to a rocker lol, but I was there loving every min