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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58mQvW0ROag Good video of the Yardbirds version.
  2. One of my favorites. The live version off of "How the West was Won" was very good, but it's got nothing on the energy of the original, In my opinion
  3. I never did understand why Hey Hey What Can i Do? was left off any of the albums. Maybe it was an outtake and they decided not to revist it.
  4. Misty Mountain Hop. The lyrics just seem to draw you in.
  5. the Doors-the Doors American Prayer-Jim Morrison
  6. Jim Morrison from the Doors, because he is amazing on "the End". Robert Plant, nothing needs to be said. Bon Scott. AMAZING on the early albums.Kurt Cobain, simply because i love Nirvana. Same goes for Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell.
  7. I was inspired by Robert to sing and inspired by Jimmy to play guitar
  8. In 2007, i got an Ipod and i was looking through my parents CD collection for things to fill it up. Found Led Zeppelin IV and after that i was obsessed. Then i got Mothership, then II and Song Remains the Same.
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