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  1. Actually listened to shows from that year? Seeing them is one thing, hearing them another thing.
  2. It's Just White Summer-Black Mountainside, a momentum builder until Kashmir blasts out of the gate.
  3. I agree with you that buying those shows doesn't really affect the band, the "inmoral" thing probably comes from labels selling the tapes and making money out of them without the taper's consent, which is certainly the case for many tapers (Freezer, Mike Millard etc), whilst others have the opposite function, tape to make money (like Ken & Dub from old TMOQ). Now, I don't agree with you on what you said about getting shows on the internet, there are many live music sites which are excellent, I can say, that a lot of things that come out of those sites are excellent, and in a lot of case
  4. Yes, it's an amazing show, the band is definitively as tight as in LA & Seattle, but that "5th element" that made those 2 shows so legendary isn't here (no, that 5th element isn't based on encores), but it's about as "tight" as the band got that year, and that shows in D&C, the opening 4 songs and WLL, which features oddball keyboard playing from Jones or someone else .
  5. It's just a morality thing, many traders feel immoral to buy bootlegs unless it's an unique offer, upgrade etc. Probably because it's legal to share but not sell these recordings (then again we can discuss the legality of bootlegs for a looooooonnnnnnngggggg time). Also a lot of tapers aren't happy that people make money out of their tapes, and that is right, but who can blame certain tapers for not watching over their tapes. But in the end, it's a thing of personal taste.
  6. You shouldn't be buying bootlegs unless you have the intent of freely sharing those releases, It's said to be immoral.
  7. How do you know he was smoking a cig?
  8. I don't know exactly, but by the looks of it, it was really sudden, still, the label gave out some huge upgrades but it mostly was hit-n-miss.
  9. Yes it is, but that doesn't mean there are any other great sounding 77 SBD's, 5/26 is a great one because it's a monitor mix.
  10. Throughout the years of listening live Zep I've learned that the only dream ultimate set-list would consist of songs rarely or never performed live.
  11. The Winston remaster sounds great and it certainly is the most complete release of the show, I'd go for it, EV's is great too, but currently Winston rules supreme.
  12. 1) Houston has no circulating audio. 2) Because of this, the audio is synced with the LA concert.
  13. Which is a horrible release.
  14. The first night actually has a really fine tape.
  15. Nice quality 69? 1969/08/31 1969/04/27 1969/04/24 Nice quality 70? 1970/09/04 1970/03/07 Nice quality 71? 1971/08/31 1971/09/14 1971/09/29 1971/09/23 Nice Quality 72? 1972/02/19 1972/06/25 1972/10/02 Those are all excellent performances in excellent quality, I advise you to look for the best versions available of each night, and grow some "bootleg ears".
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