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  1. None. I'd love to get my hands on a vinyl LTTE though.
  2. To end all the discussion about Moon being a distraction-or the man who drove the show to legendary status. Let's look at it this way, Moon and Bonzo are etched onto people's minds as two of the best if not the best rock drummers ever. And both, appearing on the same stage, at the same time & even playing together, is a truly timeless moment in any way you put it, and even more so after both passed away. Now whether you find Moon's comments funny or feel sorry for him, that's up to you, he'd pass away not long after this, so that could be an opinion changer, but to me IMHO, Moon's appearance & drunken spirit, actually adds to the wild party-esque jovial atmosphere of the show. See it for yourself.
  3. June 21st 1977. It struck me, and hard the first time I heard it, and strangely enough it was the first real exposure I had to live Led Zeppelin. It changed me.
  4. We're mentioning far too many well known and appreciated shows........ Let's get back on track.... 2 more: FT.Worth 77 And May 18th 77 Brilliant shows.
  5. No, not really. It's a classic as much as Bonzo's Birthday Party, and if it was for the tape alone it wouldn't have the status it has today. A classic performance with great improvisations and of course great playing from Page. I personally think it's quite overrated, but I'm in the minority. As for an under-rated show?: Chicago April 6th 1977 The band may (occasionally) be struggling to find themselves at home with the new set list and songs, but you can just tell there's a jovial spirit, and the band delivers a show rising to the occasion. And more importantly, Page is playing as well as he would get that year, just not being quite up to the task for some new songs, like ALS. And Plant's voice is amazing. Before the constant touring, and the decrease in live performances for a good part of the year.... This is it, a band playing their asses off and clearly enjoying it, not usual for 77. Highly recommended.
  6. Definitively interesting, I have my doubts but oh well.... a really nice possibility. The band also used screens on many venues in 69, but more for a psychedelic background:
  7. It was a documentary project, I too have heard about there being "video screen" but I think that's false, they where shooting on TV cameras though, and possibly 16mm too. This was supposed to be the final show to be recorded as part of the 1970 Led Zeppelin project of which only RAH has seen the light of day.
  8. There where 4, and yes, that's a possibility. Besides that, I've never seen any pictures of cameramen on the Landover shows.... (no, I'm not denying it)
  9. Well, I'm not to sure about tech in the 70's, but it could've been an U-Matic or a Betamax (whichever seems more reasonable), and if you where sitting in the Luxury Boxes, I'd guess you'd have to be richer than at least the average Joe, besides, Pro-Shot tapes from some Maryland concerts exists (from other bands) as they where taped this way, I heard they usually came wrapped as gifts "for the band", and they managed to tape Pro-Shots of a few bands that way. And no, I never mentioned they brought TV cameras to venues.
  10. It isn't a screen, it's a mirror. As for the Houston thing, I'm not sure of anything but it has been common knowledge, at least in my circles that the concert was Pro-Shot, see, Maryland had luxury boxes & funnily enough some people used to bring VHS recorders to the venue to tape those shows. Another thing is that the Houston soundboard just sounds like a video soundtrack.
  11. Well, I always thought of the Cameramen theory, otherwise, it might have been for the Luxury Boxes, And it was effectively Pro-Shot. I'm not sure how to explain why there is so much audience noise on some soundboards (common logic would mean that there where microphones turned to the crowd). But judging by this recording in particular, it could've even been crowd noise leaking thru Plant's mic.
  12. Well, you're wrong, there were big screens at the summit, cameramen and the concert was May 21st, if the date you where was actually 22nd, you where at Forth Worth.
  13. No, it's definitively not necessary as the existing Fan Edition is just perfect in all aspects, I suggest you just keep it to yourself.
  14. But when it comes down to Jonesy's work, BBC Sessions IMO always takes the cake.
  15. It's a mix of all the high quality (The 2007 re-release, the original DVD and the Led Zeppelin DVD) official releases, togheter with some videos from The Song Remains The same outtakes, used to give the best yet and most complete version of the concerts all based on existing releases.
  16. Yes, it's a Freezer recording, and probably his most controversial, he says that he's never circulated the masters, and the version we have is a 12th gen cassette recording, yet again he claims that trader's claim to circulate the masters. A really long, sad history of what bootlegging and back-stabbing among circles is all about...
  17. Well, a real gem, in fact hearing it without the DJ chatter is a joy, and it sounds really good, I prefer the original broadcast for audio quality purposes but this version sounds just about right, definitively the one to get over all versions. I'm actually waiting for a remaster of this to fix the dropouts etc. Overall an excellent release, a great upgrade, I must say that this is the first great bootleg release of the year.
  18. That definetvely sheds some light into their early naming, the term New Yardbirds may actually have emerged in England, as they were billed as The Yardbirds back in Scandinavia. The New Yardbirds may actually have been billed Nice find Nech.
  19. Wasn't this also on some bootleg video compilations??, just because of BMS being synced over it, typical of those releases, also if you look at his channel all those videos are circulated (even Montreux right? not the legendary proshot by the way, just backstage 8mm). Also, if you'd like SteveAjones, i could occasionally help you.
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