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  1. greetings led zeppelin fans, i havent been on this forum in years.the 50th anniversary remasters sound great. especially hearing rock n roll again i think its one of the best i have ever heard. im hoping that the release wouldnt only get people interested in the band but provide a launching point for jimmy page releasing solo stuff or just the whole band getting ready for a great new reunion. im pretty sure they have ideas for new songs since the 02 era. I really think there will be something musically happen for us that have been waiting for so long of a time . maybe in the next 7 years ? thanks, Ryan Almond
  2. first off , happy belated birthday to Jimmy Page ! I've been taking in the news and skimming through these forums for a while now and want to say some things. Now, to have a true feel for led zeppelin music and all its living members is to know that none of them will settle for crap. I am a musician myself and to me, if its not worth signing your name to then it shouldnt be played . I am sure Robert feels this way about a new led zeppelin making new music that he is comfortable with. The 3 people involved right now and especially the man at the helm of it , Mr. Jimmy Page , probably don't want to settle for a creed singer or too predictable aerosmith one to make the next round of music . I am of the opinion , and shoot it down if you will, that it would be better for the remaining 3 to do something more modern with different singers even Steven Tyler invited, Jack White , Beck ( yes Hansen ), Coverdale, Paul Rogers , and other talented musicians in song's revolving doors . I guess sorta like the concept of the Carlos Santana album without the sap. I am sure Jimmy and John Paul have considered this. It would bring new and vibrant songs to the showcase with the old crowd pleasers. I was really let down to have missed the 02 concert. I've seen plant and page play plenty of times and want to hear new material. so i am with Robert on this and wish he would just get involved and help them do it. I know that all of them can put something together worthy of everyone again .
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