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  1. "Four Rovers in Landover" Cap Center 1977-05-30. "Ten Years Gone" at the moment. There is something wrong with TSRTS... I think I'll try reconverting it... because the sound quality improves drastically as soon as Sick Again starts. Haven't had this on in ages. Pretty much all killer so far.
  2. Not sure what possessed me to stop by here for the first time in years, but hello, everyone. I couldn't help but be drawn into this thread. 1977-06-23 is the one I usually choose if someone insists on hearing a live version of this piece. Granted, there are plenty of holes in my collection. I see a couple of things I'll have to look for next time I'm on the hunt. This is normally not one of my favorite tunes to hear live, despite the album version (and album it's from) being one of my all time favorites. Slightly off topic, but this keeps popping up in the thread, my personal opinion about the 1980 tour is that the audience tapes sound better. The reverb of the hall, and mix from the front of house speakers are what they band intended the audience to hear. Interesting little tangent Jimmy takes at around 8min in the vid above, but I can't count that as my (the) fav. As has been stated, YouTube videos with still images could be anything, but "Tour Over Europe 1980" in my somewhat dated experience normally refers to Zurich, and I'll go out on a limb and say, that is what you have in the video above.
  3. "St. Paul Master" lz1973-07-09cas.dat.cdrN.eac.cep just hit the transition from Rock and Roll into Celebration Day (edit) HOLY No Quarter!!! only drawback, you need some "bootleg ears" and perhaps a nice EQ to really get into it. not suitable for top-down cruising, but at the risk of being repetitive, Holy No Quarter! (/edit) (edit) ... and the audience is surprisingly responsive to Moby Dick (/edit)
  4. "Last Stand" Berlin 1980-07-07trw1999 It's kind of a bummer too, but currently "Trampled Underfoot" is really hot "Push! Push!"
  5. is amazed his account still exists

  6. has logged in again in 2010

  7. I think I'm going in for a make-over

  8. Fela Kuti - Jazz Side of Fela: Afro Groove Collection II
  9. Here's how I spent my $50 itunes gift card given to me at Christmas by my aunt. I tried posting the images inline from my yahoo japan and flikr accounts, but the board won't accept 'dynamic links' in image tags. I think I've posted photos from geocities before, but I'm sick of dealing with it at the moment. Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy 3:06 Dinah Shore Buttons And Bows 08/1/16 10:44 PM Black Coffee 3:07 Peggy Lee: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Peggy Lee 08/1/16 10:34 PM It's Only a Paper Moon 3:07 Nat "King" Cole: After Midnight - The Complete Session (Remastered) 08/1/16 10:24 PM I'm Beginning to See the Light 3:15 The Harry James Orchestra: The Harry James Orchestra: The Best of the War Years 08/1/16 10:23 PM Why Don't You Do Right 3:12 Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman: Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman: The Complete Recordings (1941-1947) 08/1/16 10:20 PM When I Get Low I Get High 2:27 Ella Fitzgerald: Swingsation - Ella Fitzgerald with Chick Webb 08/1/16 9:13 PM 08/1/16 4:54 PM My Melancholy Baby 3:06 Ella Fitzgerald with Teddy Wilson And His Orchestra: Vintage Jazz 08/1/16 9:10 PM 08/1/16 4:51 PM Uncle Earl Waterloo, Tennessee 08/1/16 8:28 PM 08/1/16 4:48 PM John Fahey The Legend of Blind Joe Death (Remastered) 08/1/16 8:17 PM 08/1/16 4:46 PM John Fogerty Revival 08/1/16 6:42 PM 08/1/16 4:46 PM The Rolling Stones Exile on Main St. 08/1/16 5:51 PM 08/1/16 4:45 PM I had to pay top $ for the TSRTS Collector's edition since it was completely sold out on pre-orders in Japan. it was 12000 yen rather than the sticker listed 8000. That's what I get for being slow. That's quite a big difference too! Darkly ironic too considering Fogelberg's recent passing. Two of my all-time favorite recordings. These are desert island discs for me. Enjoy.
  10. At the moment its Jamiroquai - Traveling Without Moving (never have learned the song titles) Top Ten recently played itunes/ipod tracks: lz19770623d1.05NobodysFaultButMine 7:14 Led Zeppelin Sgt. Page's Badgeholders Club Band part 1 9 08/1/17 9:36 PM Delta Queen 6:02 Drew Emmit Band Skank Hall, Milwaukee 2004-11-14 5 08/1/17 8:00 PM NST20071208-10-HoroYori 3:39 Nohshintoh Chikubi Party 1 08/1/17 7:54 PM NST20071208-06-DeathToRoy 4:11 Nohshintoh Chikubi Party 2 08/1/17 7:50 PM Gold hill line 3:54 Drew Emmit Band Skank Hall, Milwaukee 2004-11-14 6 08/1/17 7:46 PM 106 she was hot 5:33 The Rolling Stones London Calling 3 08/1/17 7:42 PM The Voice From The Border 8:49 Sachiko Kunado 2 08/1/17 7:36 PM Over the Hills and Far Away 5:29 Led Zeppelin Lead Poisoning (RW-2A/B) 6 08/1/17 12:33 PM lz19770623d1.02TheSongRemainsTheSame 5:27 Led Zeppelin Sgt. Page's Badgeholders Club Band part 1 10 08/1/17 12:28 PM Dusk 5:55 Sachiko Kunado 2 08/1/17 12:22 PM Been experimenting with the shuffle feature. Right on, I've been dragging my feet on the new one. I had to pay premium to get the Collectors Edition DVD cause they were all sold out on pre-order. I'll pick it up next time I'm near HMV record store. It won't be going out of stock any time soon. :-) Great tune! My cousin lent me the Janis 3 disc box set for a while back in the 90s. Love this period and this song. Great song, no doubt. and the transition from Upon A Golden Horse is excellent. Great sig pic btw. the sunburst Plant. Nice! Someone else listening to Rusted Root. This is such a great way to start an album. Ahh... very good news. Their first CD "Cruel Sun", I think it's called, is really good too. They rerecorded a lot of songs from it for "When I Woke", but the originals are cool too. it's more mellow, I think. I think Jen Wurz and Liz Berlin are both with the band again. Liz took some time off to become a mother. I'm really looking forward to their new CD if it has the original line-up. I think, by the time When I Woke came out, they'd been doing the indies scene with that sound for several years, so when they broke it may have been a chance for Mike Gabliki to experiment with the sound a bit. A friend of mine lived downstair from Mike around the time of Remember. He said he and Mike used to have some informal jam sessions on electric guitar in each others' apartments and occasionally Mike would say something along the lines of, 'that was pretty good, do you mind if I use that?' That's what my friend said, at least. As you said, though, the member changes certainly had an effect. I don't think I've had a chance to see them perform since When I Woke came out. Too bad really. One of my favorite bands from the 90s. Definitely looking forward to their new recording. Yeah, one of my favorites too. So much power. Such a great support performance (lead, really) by the female singer. Yeah, I love this album. Isis, One more Cup of Coffee, Hurricane the list goes on, great tunes.
  11. Katsurei 割礼 and Sakana さかな tonight at Tokuzo, Nagoya Japan (hope that ASCAP guy doesn't read this) The Crowes are in NZ eh? Good on'em! And it's hard to imagine the words 'Adrian Belew' and 'Power' in the same sentence, but I'll tak e your word for it.
  12. Raga Madhuvanthi -> Raga Kalavati Carlos Guerra - Bansuri (bamboo flute) Tetsuya Kaneko - Pakhavaj (double sided drum with bread dough on one head) Mah-ha - Ghatam (bulbous clay pot with a narrow opening) Mrs. Guerra - Tamboura (4 string drone instrument plays only one open chord) live sound by Tonchin at Shimauma Book Store, Nagoya Japan No results. The guy must've thought I was gonna get his torrent pulled. He gave me no reply..... Those are the guys that did I Just Wanna Celebrate right? The new version or the old version of TSRTS? How is that BTW? Is that the one with American Pie? You said it. I find myself thinking the same thing. I'm gonna hold you to that statement! I'll second THAT! Perfect for toolin' around in the hot rod. She's crafty!.... and she's just my type! One of my favorite VH songs. Sometimes I just can't get this out of my head. Gets no respect, though. Nice post!
  13. We are way off topic, but the only advantage of the CD burning deck over the USB turntable, is that you can choose your turntable... Probably not such a big issue to burn some old well used records, though. My TT is nothing special, that's for sure. Thanks for the brew,
  14. Sabir Mateen Group at Tonic, NYC 2006, 09 29 or possible the 12th, depending on which info... Too many shows for the tapers to keep up with Yeah, between April and June they may have switched things up a bit, but the guy yelling out Mahavishnu kind of leads me to believe that Jeff was joining them, as you said. No word from the source, but obviously he thinks it's McLaughlin joining Beck, otherwise he wouldn't have written it that way. Google here I come... maybe tomorrow... feeling sleepy. Gotta find the real info on that Sabir Mateen gig too.
  15. I've had it for a couple years now, so I don't remember exactly, but if I recall correctly it was only a couple hundred bucks or so. I bought it with Yen, though. so that clouds the issue even further. It's called the Teac RW-D280. http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/News/Detai...spx?NewsId=5581 The site below is selling it for 60,000 yen, which is less than US$500. I'm sure I got it for far less than that. No way I payed that much. http://www.teac.co.jp/av/all_prod/cdr/rwd280.html If you have to pay that much a USB turntable might be cheaper. Maybe you can use this info to find a newer model. Don't seem to be any for sale on ebay, or much of anywhere for that matter. Just owning one of these is asking to be taken to court by the RIAA
  16. Willie Nelson: I've only touched the tip of the iceberg, but Willie's for me Waylon Jennings: could anyone who watched Dukes of Hazard on TV NOT like Waylon? The Sons of The Pioneers I don't know if you can still get the original albums anymore Johnny Cash (of course) Juice Newton Queen of Hearts was all over the radio back in the day. John Prine I first heard of him when my band covered Paradise. He's awesome. Honky Tonk Man by Dwight Yoakam is cool, but I haven't really listened to anything else. Born To Boogie is my favorite Bocephus tune. and who could forget Johnny Paycheck's Take This Job And Shove It! Was a big Kenny Rogers fan when I was in like 3rd grade... The Gambler was a big cross-over hit in my area. I used to know the words to a lot of songs off his greatest hits record. Does Jerry Reed do the whole Smokey and The Bandit soundtrack? after that it's bluegrass/newgrass I recently started listening to Drew Emmett, who I instantly became a fan of. Apparently he's been around for a while. I highly recommend his solo work. I still haven't heard Leftover Salmon, his first band. Another band that I saw once and really liked is The Hicks.
  17. Nohshintoh, First Live of 2008 at KD Japon, Nagoya on the 5th of January. Was there a man in line blowin' her mind thinkin' that he'd already made her? ;-) How was that Fogerty show? I've heard one recording which sounded really good. I tried to buy his album on itunes, but for some reason the phone company won't let me connect. (not will they let me connect to a number of other sites which I've finally started bookmarking for when I file my complaint next week)
  18. 22:48 - Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet @ Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2003-07-19+20 Peter Broetzmann .... reeds Mats Gustafsson .... reeds Ken Vandermark .... reeds Mars Williams .... reeds Joe McPhee .... reeds,tp Jeb Bishop .... tb Kent Kessler .... b Fred Lonberg-Holm .... cello Hamid Drake .... dr,perc Michael Zerang .... dr,perc CD 1 - saturday 19.07.03 [68:53] 1] 22:48 2+3] 15:45 + 12:41 (PB bass-sax on [3]) 4] 18:03 source: own aud.rec., good center position lineage: sony ECM929-LT + SharpMD > CDR > flac Yeah, the band feels really different for that last track, especially the drumming. Like you said, they could have alternated, but when I listened closely I started thinking the show you saw was probably the same. The big giveaway (which I heard after I made the last post) was a guy in the crowd screaming, "Mahavishnu! Mahavisnhu Number One!" over and over.
  19. Got The Feeling - Mahavishnu Orchestra with Jeff Beck, AVERY FISHER HALL, NEW YORK,NY,USA, APRIL 30,1975 CASSETTE AUD MASTER > REEL > M-AUDIO TRANSIT > COOL EDIT > CD WAVE EDITOR > FLAC Joelmon, on second listen, this has to be Mahavishnu with Beck rather than the other way round. Good call. Thanks for straightening me out. I clearly hear a violin and that drumming.... Also, the mix is different. The bass guitar is there, but rather... plucky and much lower in the mix for Jeff's set, but very bassy and just as loud as the guitars (louder than Jeff Beck's maybe) for the last track. Someone's pulled a fast one here not unusual.
  20. I was just watching the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Rainbow on Youtube. Someone's Done the Wizard of Oz - Dark Side of The Moon thing in software, cut it up and put it on Youtube. Wasn't quite as cool as I remembered from 10 years ago, but The Great Gig In The Sky Sequence is really good. (part 3 or 4) Despite the horrid bitrate required to fit these segments into youtube limits. here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmCfvcfHwKA...feature=related That should work. Yeah and then your Primus cover of PF and my PF/WOO above too. (Speaking of synchronicity!) The Mahavishnu set wasn't included in the Jeff Beck set I got. Too bad, I'd certainly like to hear that too. The recording is good. Not spectacular, but listenable and clear. I can hear everything Beck is playing. I've certainly sat through worse and more than once at that. This is the info I got (Caps Lock sic) JEFF BECK AVERY FISHER HALL, NEW YORK,NY,USA APRIL 30,1975 JEFF BECK - GUITAR WILBUR BASCOMB - BASS BERNARD PURDIE - DRUMS MAX MIDDLETON - KEYBOARDS JOHN MCLAUGHLIN ** - GUITAR 1-TUNING 2-CONSTIPATED DUCK 3-SHE'S A WOMAN 4-FREEWAY JAM > 5-DEFINITELY MAYBE 6-SUPERSTITION 7-KEYBOARD SOLO > 8-CAUSE WE'VE ENDED AS LOVERS 9-POWER 10-YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN 11-CROWD 12-GOT THE FEELING ** CASSETTE AUD MASTER > REEL > M-AUDIO TRANSIT > COOL EDIT > CD WAVE EDITOR > FLAC Definitely a great cover version in my book. I'd almost agree that it's better than the original, but there's no Roy Harper Wow, I hope your dog has recovered. That's a strange thing to come home to.
  21. Lucifer's Eyes: Joan Baez with The Grateful Dead, 31 December 1981, Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, CA So nice, what a great way to wind down 2007 (23:10 here in Japan now) So far: Land of A Thousand Dances (Joan a cappella) Do Right Woman (") The Boxer (Joan solo, what a musician! great guitar, devastating singing) Tunisian New Year Song (Joan with a drum of some kind) And then she's joined by The Dead for Me & Bobby McGee Bye Bye Love Lucifer's Eyes and now just starting Children of the 80s Bobby tries to sing some harmonies on Bobby McGee, but the Dead should leave the singing to Joan Baez, I think. Bobby wants to teach her Wang Dand Doodle. Nice! Wow, I was just listening to the April 30th Avery Fisher Hall, NY show earlier today. John McLaughlin comes in for that crazed jam in the last song. Ok, gotta get dressed to go to the local temple to literaly ring in the new year with the temple bell.
  22. I got a CD recording deck from Teac... (double CD deck! ) makes an extra step if you wanna put it in your computer, but it's quick, easy and trouble-free just like dubbing cassettes hahahah
  23. favs: Robert Plant Son House John Fogerty Marty Balin Shishido Kouji Joni Mitchell Eikichi Yazawa (70s-early 80s) Drew Emmett (as of last week) MCA/ Mike D/ Ad Rock KRS One Burning Spear Bob Marley (tho it's probably Family Man's bass that makes me like the Wailers) Fela Kuti (he's not so much a vocalist as an agitator, I guess) Astrud Gilberto Bing Crosby (I know that's askin' for trouble but it's so close to xmas) Frank Zappa (The Central Scrutinizer!) Debbie Harry Olivia Newton John (pre Physical) Jerry Garcia (70s-early 80s) Tina Turner The Four Tops The Tempations Sam Cooke Whoever the girls were that sang the harmony vox on all those old 40s big band numbers. James Chance Darby Crash ^ this is getting a little out of control. They can't all be my favorites! def. Plant Fogerty Mitchell Emmett Yazawa and the male Motown sound. least: Graham Bonnett (by far my least favorite) Mars Volta (I'd really like them if it weren't for the vox, tho I like Plant, this guy's too much) Soul Coughing singer (bad trip) STP/Velvet Revolver singer (boring) I'd like Dio if he ever wrote any decent lyrics (Man on Silver Mt. and Long Live R'N'R aside) Joe Lynn Turner Green Day singer and all the singers from bands that sound like that. Jeff Buckley (really gets on my nerves for some reason) David Coverdale (I'm a Mark II kinda guy and Coverdale is like school on Saturday)
  24. Yeah, I had to break out both records this morning since it's been quite a few months since I've had them on. I've always liked the different images that come from the band name. first and most obvious: The Firm (like the movie) as a company or business project (which may be most accurate) The Firm as in not quite hard... The Firm as in the opposite of The Infirm But anyway, the music, this is what I have thought and in particular was thinking this morning. Together is the only real low point of the first album. Every time Paul sings 'Yesterday' I just wanna continue with 'all my troubles seemed so far away...' maybe it's just me. I didn't used to like You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling, but I found myself turning it up today... (who knows ) Some may object to the horn section of Closer, but I really like this song. It could have used a slightly denser production, perhaps, despite the energy, it feels kind of light. IMO good song regardless. Make Or Break, another good song Paul subliminally raids the Beatles cannon again for Money Can't Buy, but the similarities end at the title. Not the best song on the album. The second album has more of a sludgy sound. Jimmy's either laying on the overdubs or the effects, can't quite tell. The Live In Peace guitar solo is stellar. That song really builds up. It kinda has you wondering if this was one of the stinkers when it starts, but by the end I forgot all about that. A lot of people don't care for Dreaming, a Tony Franklin composition, but I really like how it pushes Jimmy and the band in an unusual direction (nice tremolo bar solo too) with the odd time signature and the creamy clean chorussy guitar comping. Spirit Of Love, I could do without. It has all the potential to be an extended stadium sing-along and has that kind of 'Rod Stewart' build up that I've read Jimmy saying was something he didn't like about All My Love, but lacks his sense of balladry. Chris Slade's drumming is far from his style during his AC/DC tenure. He's obviously a multi-faceted musician. My friend who sings Humpty Dumpty to All The Kings Horses was joking that Jason shaved his head to create some continuity with Chris Slade... (obviously not! ) Again, Paul Rodgers is a love-song-singin' kinda guy, so there's not much you can do about that.
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