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  1. Oh, yeah! To both ideas. A movie, properly distributed in theaters, the 21st century SRTS! Then they can pick and choose moments, yes? And the Four Js would be ROCKIN!! Jason can sing, and so can Jeff on his guitar, as he just showed. Whoa...
  2. AbsolutionBlues

    Ross's Diary

    More from Mr. Halfin, rock photographer to the stars: "Spent a long day in the studio shooting Jimmy Page again. I started off slowly as I'd flown back from Amsterdam with the Prodigy ringing in my ears and I'd only had four hours sleep.I ended up shooting until 8pm and got a lot done for a variety of different projects he has ongoing. Now, I'm not putting anything up as I'm sick of people pulling photos off my site and mailing them around to Led Zeppelin websites thinking they are some news authority..." Ooooh, projects, plural. Oops, sorry LongDistance beat me to it!
  3. AbsolutionBlues

    Ross's Diary

    Bingo. I think Page has his hair pulled back, at least I hope so. I agree, in those photos he's just a bad mutha... (shut your mouth). No need to be all happy and shiny all the time - Ying Yang, killer smile, killer serious look. Rock on. (Why folks think Page isn't playing guitar 'cuz he's also peddling them is beyond me. If he was peddling diet Coke I'd have a problem. The man's life is the guitar. So we haven't heard it in public much lately; he doesn't owe us anything, after all. I'd be happy to see him come out on his terms, but no problem if he doesn't.)
  4. Thanks for that, great post! I can just picture the guy showing up with his pocket protector, LOL!
  5. AbsolutionBlues

    Ross's Diary

    Yeah. Personally I'm grateful to the old SOB for saying he's working on a project with Jimmy, because he's the most (painfully) honest person around. So if he says he's working on a project, then it's a project, a nice hopeful word. If it were Zep related, Halfin would say that, too, so it's Jimmy related. RH takes pictures of and hangs around with famous rockers day and day out, and has been blogging about it for years. I wouldn't call it name dropping. Who would he be trying to impress at this point? Personally I enjoy his photos and his blog, and he gets the best pictures of P
  6. Thanks for that. Best wishes to this lovely man for a full and speedy recovery.
  7. It devolved the same way they all do...
  8. Oh my, the more things change... Ah, Knebby. Still with the blazing green sun and the fuck-off-and-die avatar. Talk about, get over it already. Sunchild took her lumps from you and your buddies and was banned from this place months ago, lots of us watched it happen. There's more than one way to do it, it's not like you ring up Sam and instruct him. Or maybe you do, who knows? Anyway, let's watch and see how long the intelligent Miss Charlotte lasts, shall we?
  9. Very good article, thanks! "Few of them didn’t shake their heads when asked how they managed to be so funky, bluesy and so intensely rock ‘n’ roll at the same time." Sums it up for me, I love rock and Zeppelin takes rock way beyond the usual boring 4/4 stuff. Bonzo was a the lynchypin, but, he was following Page, and Jones was the floor. Great stuff. I'm with you, LA Woman. Prince owes Zeppelin for alot, from stage clothes and androgyny to use of a symbol instead of his name. Don't see him as part of the crew, good as he is.
  10. Thank you all of you, Jimmy, John Paul, John, Robert and Jason. Your music makes life that much sweeter, takes me away and grounds me. You are simply the best, all good things to you.
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