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  1. well shit just like and band they got a few bad apples floating no one perfect but zep sure were close to being it ha ha i just pray in my lifetime a band with such melodic genus and floods from the wood work this shit we got now its outragous just terrible
  2. haha i thought you were saying it was in order with the bands pics i found out each of there signs but thank you
  3. ok? that helps none i thought zoso was jimmys but hes not first in the photo
  4. no its not umcommen im left handed and i play the guitar like a rightie would i tried doing it with a left handed guitar, uh uh aint happing lol you just pick it up which ever way is most compatable
  5. can someone help me figure out witch sign belongs to which member?
  6. i hope im wroung but i predict that the zep will go on tour as sheduled, without robert. but some hack who will butcher the songs can you imagine that jackoff from alter bridge singing dazed and confused, or how bout steven tyler doing immigrant song. fuck its horrible
  7. no dude im with you i dont think the band intended to make you worship stan. i was just hopeing for sum more info on the subject and you did that much appreciated
  8. hey man i love this band and dont belive thier satanist but its thier belive it or not theres sum shit bouyt satan
  9. thank you im new to this site but i love zeppelin all the same. it is much aprreciated
  10. okay in stairway to heaven theres sum backmasked words that actually tak about satan, now ive done the procedure myself and indeed it does talk about satan, in the verse; if theres a busttle in your hedgehoe dont be alarmed now its just a srpring clean for the mayqueen yes there are two paths you can go down but in the long run theres still time to cahnge the road your on reversed*^ o heres to my sweet satan the ones whos little path would make me sad sweet satan he gives to those, those 666 there was alittle tool shed where he made us suffer sweet satan now
  11. okay call me ignorant if your will but not 2 days ago i found out about these so called satanic messages in stairway to heaven. im sure you all heard of it before and thats why im hopeing you could help me. supposidly in stairway, the verse: if theres a bustle in your hedgehoe dont be alarmed now, its just a spring clean for the may queen, yes there are two paths you can go down but in the long run theres still time to cahnge the road your on. now reversed it says: o heres to my sweet satan the one whos little path would make me sad hell give to those, those 666 whos
  12. well the first time i rellized that this band was one of the lengeds, i was tinkering with my car and stairway came on the radio i was kinda tuneing in and out of the sond then the last verse (after the solo) came on and it just blew me away it was like rock and roll nirvana. after that i couldnt get enough of the band granted that was bout 6 years ago but as any hit somg it does get over played and looses interest, i can go with out hearing the song but when it does come on when that last verse spits out i crank it.
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