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  1. Now we can see how such a boring subject like math could be so surprising (It's omen though!))
  2. Lalka

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I hope some of us see them the first time
  3. Every time when I can work on my laptop (from Friday to Sunday) and every day with my ipod (in the train on the way to school,before asleep-can't imagine this time without Stairway,during my work..often very often..I'm afraid that I can't pick my fav album or one song..it's impossible.
  4. I'm just jealous! Honestly I can't imagine what would you do if you met Jimmy in that store..
  5. I've found this picture..I hope it's new for us..
  6. Lalka

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Lovely pics!So this night cant start Jimmy's Legend-Poor you!However you can look forward to plenty beautiful pictures
  7. I can agree with Mona and I'm sure Jimmy really doesn't care about stuffs like this song and other (I think every famous man can't live good life with taking care about every line,every tale which we can see daily in newspapers,etc.) But for us-for fans it's always very unwelcome when someone fouls our idol or just a fav person,no matter. So that's why we must hang together (and defend our stars )
  8. I absolutely understand you When I've heard this song for the first time (on youtube) I was really fed-up-I think it's really really stupid when some band or artist named own song after such a great guitarist and star!
  9. Does anybody know anything about Jimmy's beauty obsession? I've read (unfortunately I don't remember where) that Jimmy was extremely hipped on good look,he spent lot of time making his hair (he used to wear curling pins..(?) ) and choosing right and pretty clothes..Maybe you know more..
  10. I'm gonna write only vocalists from groups Robert Plant,Ian Gillan,Roger Daltrey,Eric Burdon,George Harrison,John Lennon,Freddie Mercury,Mark Knopfler,Gerry Marsden,Mickey Dolenz,George Michael,Colin Blunstone,Grace Slick,Brian May,Mick Jagger (I'm sure I have forgotten about somebody.. ) next time I'll pick only solo singers
  11. I think I understand you:) I am really huge Beatles fan and couple moths ago I didn't listen any music except Beatles.I was listening them all day and all night,only liverpool guys:) Since I've been discovered LZ,Beatles are in the second line. Yes,they are my fav band No.1 and they will for ever but now I can't listen them maybe it's because of LZ who knows..I should listen many cds which I've bought but everytime I click to PLAY I see blink shiny words which say-What are you doing,girl?How can you listen other music when you can listen such a good songs like Black dog and IMTOD and Stairwa
  12. Lalka

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Nobody knows how much I hate watermarks
  13. Lalka

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I think I should do some sports .. Nice pics everyone!
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