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  1. if we don't consider jimmy's 'stop!' to bonzo in out on the tiles
  2. haha when i see this photo i laugh so hard and het up at the same time the background is just so funny and smells like a fantasy he had once upon a time, aahh..
  3. The three songs; revenge, she just satisfies and keep moving can also be heard in the bootleg series 'cabala'.. its a detailed collection box, you can easily see that revenge came out when he was a full-session musician, and she just satisfies LP just came after this era
  4. Hi all I'm a new member though its been so long I'm a zep fan, and I wanna start this shit with a question.. Does anybody know about the bootleg video of HMMT jam at The Texas Int. Pop Fest. where The Big Brother And The Holding Company made a stage announcement before?
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