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  1. Musician-attorney Joe Escalante says the 'Blurred Lines' jury 'got it wrong' http://www.scpr.org/programs/the-frame/2015/03/11/41936/musician-attorney-joe-escalante-says-the-blurred-l/ A Music Theory Expert Explains Why the “Blurred Lines” Copyright Decision Is Wrong: http://flavorwire.com/508795/heres-why-the-blurred-lines-copyright-decision-is-wrong What’s Wrong With the ‘Blurred Lines’ Copyright Ruling http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/12/arts/music/whats-wrong-with-the-blurred-lines-copyright-ruling.html The "Blurred Lines" Verdict Is Bad News, Even If You Hate Robin Thicke http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/the-blurred-lines-verdict-is-bad-news-even-if-you-ha-1690817200
  2. Mirror story was false. There was no contract from Branson. Newspapers have dragged their feet to retracted story and apologise. http://www.imediaethics.org/News/10044/Robert_plant_didnt_tear_up_richard_bransons_offer_to_get_led_zeppelin_back_together.php
  3. A new coffee table book Five Glorious Nights, compiled by Dave Lewis, is being published to commemorate the 1975 run of concerts at Earls Court: http://www.fivegloriousnights.co.uk/ Disclaimer: Not associated with the publisher Rufus Stone.
  4. Another favourite band gone. Maybe some of the members can team up with Jimmy for another project. Who knows..
  5. Shame it had to happen but the writing was on the wall when Jason left. It just wasn't the same and I didn't really follow the group all that much after that and I assume many didn't either. Andrew Watt has a huge future ahead of him though.
  6. Prefer the old Subiaco Oval, with the grassy hill embankment you could stand or sit down on, enjoy an ice cold beer with mates, and kick a footy around. It's becoming a concrete canyon now. Sitting room only with low-strength beer but charged at full-price. Yuck.
  7. Astonishing picture of Subiaco Oval (now known as Patersons Stadium). The ground today looks totally unrecognisable. You can work out the photo above was taken from the 3-Tier Stand at the western end, before they redeveloped the site. You can still see where the goal square is by that rectangular looking patch on the ground, to the left of the stage. The stand in the top left hand corner is the old Members Stand, one of the first big structures built at the oval.
  8. Jack Bruce is dead, so that rules that out (and given how much he bitched about Led Zeppelin in the past, would not have been a good match anyway). http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-29772926
  9. Well that was disappointing news but with California Breed now history for Jason, maybe he could resurrect the world tour Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience were hinting at before the California Breed commitments took him away from that idea.
  10. And the original poster jim6225, disappeared from the website the moment he posted the accusation: Posted 18 May 2014 - 08:44 AM Last Active Offline May 18 2014 08:43 AM
  11. Jimi Hendrix album Axis: Bold as Love has been banned in Malaysia for offending Hindus. http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/jimi-hendrixs-1967-album-with-hindu-god-cover-art-not-allowed-says-home-min
  12. Jimmy used the same-type of riff previous to the Spirit tour, I don't see how Spirit can claim he heard it after they started touring in late 1968.
  13. Starts with a grinding Hammond organ riff by John Paul Jones. John Bonham then kicks in with his drums about 10 seconds in, with Jimmy strumming acoustic chords along to the rhythm. About 50 seconds in, Jimmy's acoustic track then stands out, and then at the minute mark his electric guitar enters with a bit of distortion, followed by a guitar solo. At around 2minutes 10 seconds, the tempo slows down and Jimmy fires up the wah pedal til fade out.
  14. Just heard a preview of "La La" over the radio. Love it.
  15. "They recorded their first album, the eponymous 'Cartoone', with Jimmy Page as guest artist on all tracks, using his Telecaster and Gibson custom acoustic. Zeppelin were recording their debut album at the same time." http://www.rockingscots.co.uk/cartoone.htm That makes it October 1968, well before the US tour.
  16. Did Jimmy Page's signature descending guitar figure predate Spirit? We know Jimmy Page recorded with a Scottish band called Cartoone sometime in late 1968. Their album was released in January 1969. My question to the forum is this song: If it can be proven the recording of this song "Ice Cream Dreams" predates Led Zeppelin's appearance with Spirit on 26th December 1968, the claim Jimmy had heard it from Spirit can be thrown out. The first mention of Cartoone's album being released is in Billboard magazine, dated 28th December 1968, volume 80, issue 52, page 4. If anyone has any session recordings by Jimmy Page that predates 1968, that has a similar guitar figure, I'd be interested to hear it.
  17. You and I, and most people know "Stairway to Heaven" and "Taurus" don't sound exactly the same, however the amount of negative media coverage basically implying otherwise is quite saddening. What is even more disappointing is that many of these stories are distorting the previous cases. Factual errors abound, but because it's now out there in maintream media its almost impossible to correct.
  18. Sole writing credits for "Taurus" belong to Randy California, who is long since dead, devoured by a mudshark (maybe the song should be retitled "Tore us"?) I do think though the timing reflects poorly on those initiating the lawsuit. It appears for all intents and purposes a money grab, knowing full well that thousands of advanced orders have been placed for Led Zeppelin IV reissue.
  19. Except the song you are referring to is a traditional one, Jansch didn't write it, and Page was playing it before Led Zeppelin formed.
  20. So like Graphite Wimp you are posting here to "enlighten" me on this issue?? This topic has been talked about previously, in much older posts. It adds nothing new to the debate and has been done to death already. There is nothing a discussion here will change anything.
  21. Yes and your post appears to be one of them. T-R-O-L-L
  22. It's a shame Black Country Communion folded like it did and Bonamassa refusing to led Hughes and Bonham use the name again. I was looking forward to BCC making it big but this new band shows promise. There is an earlier YouTube clip of Andrew Watt: http://youtu.be/MwwI622Fe8Q
  23. 1996 all over again. 'Kashmir' was nominated for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group but didn't win.
  24. Robert Plant was involved in a road accident on 31 January 1970 sustaining facial injuries, including broken teeth, when his Jaguar was involved in a head-on collision after attending a Spirit concert at Mothers Club in Birmingham.
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