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  1. zdr

    I love the picture so much! I want it on my wall... (dream on :-P)

  2. Strange things are a-foot at the circle K

  3. Yesterday and today I spent all day inside and then I went for a walk and I felt really agoraphobic!!! that made me feel pretty un-happy
  4. Pip


    and you can get lock jaw... where your jaw locks up and you can't open your mouth...
  5. Yes - My old next door neighbor used to own a hot air balloon have you ever given birth?
  6. if in doubt just make sure it is wavy hehe... that way you can grow it out! hehe
  7. He'll have to have a lot of hair!
  8. if only it could be done... I have read everything out here ... I need to get some new books!!! actually JUST as I said that I noticed a Tim Winton book that I haven't read yet...
  10. HMM after looking at these photos I think I might convince my husband to grow his hair long and buy some button up shirts.. hehe is that wrong? hehehe
  11. I think they are equal with a couple of others for me... the Beatles, Queen, Annie Lennox... so probably top 5
  12. It changes... sometimes it is just an instrumental piece... sometimes it is a bit of a groovy kinda thing... like sly and the family stone HAHAH! and sometimes it is a bit of John, Paul, George and Ringoooooo! hehe sometimes it is a bit of rock and/or roll... a couple of times it's been Tracy Chapman... Mostly it is some sort of nature soundtrack - but that isn't in my head...
  13. I actually remember crying in grade 2 when I read The Giraffe the Pelly and me by Roald Dahl... I have no idea why but there's a poetic finish and it used to bring a tear to my little eye! hehe
  14. A fine Balance was good - it made me seriously depressed!! hehe. But it is a really good book! It had to be to stir up enough emotion to actually make me depressed ...
  15. You know this might make me as popular as a poo in a punch bowl but I didn't enjoy reading the hobbit or Lord of the Rings!! I think they are too descriptive! I got bored reading them... but if you are patent enough to read them the stories are obviously great! but just to get there can be grueling! GREEN EGGS AND HAM - CLASSIC~! hehe The Bible - eek sorry but I think it is pretty badly written... I mean if you just sit down and read it... I had to - otherwise I might be considered ignorant in my atheism - actually reading it made me even more of an Atheist because of all the random contradictions - that is just my opinion though.
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