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  1. The most powerful movie that had me crying for 15 mins AFTER the credits was LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL - La vita è bella. SPOILER --- The when he's still pretending as they take him away so that his son isn't scared. I could never watch it twice - it killed me a little bit inside. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzYO5O1grYg&feature=related There are a few films that get me crying!! eeek!! especially since I've been a mother... they play on that! hehe
  2. zdr

    I love the picture so much! I want it on my wall... (dream on :-P)

  3. Pip

    Getting back in

    cool! A good set of electronic drums - that'd be sweet! things like this don't happen where I live... we just have markets with hundreds of pseudo hippies selling the same clothes as the stall next to them...
  4. Pip

    Getting back in

    whatever springs to mind! did you get photo's? (of the front row peeps not the trolls)
  5. Pip

    Getting back in

    MAN!! I've been away for ages and ages and I keep trying to get back to where I once belonged... Anyway this might be a way - everyone tell me something funny/interesting/curious/outstanding that's happened over the last ... YEAR or so on the forum... LOVE! Pip
  6. Strange things are a-foot at the circle K

  7. Yes to all of the songs that have been mentioned but I'd add (I don't know if it's been said yet) Why - Annie Lennox ...
  8. Waa I haven't been on for AGES! I'm reading The Time Travellers Wife and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo at the momento. I started reading one and then someone gave me the other and I started reading the first page and now I'm just reading both here and there... I should just choose one to finish first because I keep thinking one is the other... it makes for a really strange story...
  9. Yesterday and today I spent all day inside and then I went for a walk and I felt really agoraphobic!!! that made me feel pretty un-happy
  10. Pip


    and you can get lock jaw... where your jaw locks up and you can't open your mouth...
  11. I haven't read the books... but I wanted to headbutt the characters in the movie - it was crap... at one point I was thinking of sewing my eyes together in protest... My Husband was away for 3 weeks and got bored in his hotel so he read all of the books - he seems to be ok with it - he doesn't like the main characters though.. He is one of these people who just read everything and anything... he reads about 300 books a year I swear... He isn't too big on the Twilight series though - he was saying they would have been better when he was a teenager.
  12. Pip

    how healthy

    Before I had my daughter I was a gym junkie... I used to ride my bike to the gym every morning and do a full workout then I would go to work and ride home then three days a week I would add on going to martial arts sessions where the warm up was 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100, squats then running then an hour or two of training then the same for warm downs... Now ... it is a different story.. hehe Actually I still walk everywhere but I only do about half an hour exercise in the morning and sometimes play a game of basketball with the local kids... I breastfeed and for some reason i
  13. I hope you are up and about a bit more soon!
  14. The golden eagle looking jet! That was sweet! hehe Why aren't there cartoons like that on anymore? hehe
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