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  1. Seems like they used an aweful LZ version, I'd say becks version, out of those two, is better.
  2. I don't know how you guys can like Tea For One better than SIBLY. In my opinion, TFO is pretty plodding and SIBLY is much more dynamic. The solo was always great on SIBLY as well. TFO does sound great listening to the LP and its very emotional and moody, though.
  3. Even as a novice LZ 'collector' I know this, and knew it when I bought the ITTOD CDs. I thought it was common knowledge, just like the different views of the bar scene.
  4. It seems like the Yardbirds' version is waaay closer to Jake Holmes version, if anything, he should blame the Yardbirds for stealing it. At any rate, Zeppelin basically took it and made it completely their own. I love the 30 minute TSRTS and HTWWW versions more than the studio versions because I love all different sections and riffs that come out of it, riffs that could (and were) used in songs later on. The '75 versions with Joni Mitchell's 'Woodstock' in the place of 'San Francisco' are great too, but the bow sections in those are IMO a little too discordant and screachy!
  5. 'How The West Was Won' wasn't a concert film, just an audio CD set. I really do wish there was professionally filmed stuff from 72, that would be awesome (film looks way better than video too).
  6. Wow conveniently in a text file on my computer: -Ooh yeah, the brave I endure -Ooh yeah, strong shields and lore -An' they can't hold the wrath of those who walk -An' the boots of those who march -Baby through the roads of time so long ago -ooh yeah -ooh -oooh yeah -aah aah aah etc
  7. Just want to say that Led Zepagain played an awesome show here in Santa Rosa! The music was beyond excellent. They had a great setlist with a mix of expected favorites and a few unexpected ones! I'm just a little embarrassed for the city of Santa Rosa because there were not enough people there to witness the awesomeness. People, if you have a chance to see them, you need to go see them. That is all!
  8. I asked this question a few months ago and got a great reply!: http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?s=...st&p=315811
  9. And though I have no information to confirm it, I truly believe that I hear Mick Jagger in the background on one of the JFB takes. Maybe he was there with his mobile studio? Who knows.
  10. SO I was watching the extras disc of the TSRTS collectors edition the other night, and I was wondering if anyone knew what track plays under the main menu? I've never heard it before. I assume it was from one of the MSG shows but I was wondering if it was part of another song like Communication Breakdown or Whole Lotta Love. I'm not familiar with the setlist of each show. Anyone got any info?
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