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  1. Thanks to all of you for welcoming me As for my favourite song; I can't say, it changes all the time.. Depends on my mood, although I've got to say I've always been fond of Going to California, but that's probably because it's the first song I heard.
  2. Hi all I used to be on here a little more frequently long ago.. then I sort of left the board, but now I decided to return I have some time to spend on here now, or at least I hope so. Also, since I never properly introduced myself and none of you will probably remember me I'll do a short introduction now.. Well, my name is Eline, I'm 16 years old and I live in the Netherlands.. I've been a Zep fan since I was 11, a neighbour got me into them. I quite enjoy most old music, and I'm always looking for new things to discover. Wish I'd been born a couple of decades earlier though
  3. I got an iPod today! You're right, Heather, no one seems to come here.. it's a pity
  4. Hi everyone! I'm really busy (again.. always busy.. stupid school) but I wanted to say hello I hope everyone is fine.. It's my birthday tomorrow! Well, goodbye! I'll speak to you all later!! Eline
  5. Maybe you'll get a chance in the future.. when he is doing a tour with Zeppelin (He really should do that!!)
  6. Noora, I really feel sorry for you.. I really wish you could see them too!
  7. He was really great. He seemed very happy, he was dancing all the time and he made some jokes. Oh, I wish I could go again! There were some stupid guys behind us, but they left after 5/6 songs. Alison started singing after 3 songs and Robert disappeared, and they obviously didn't like that. They started calling people with their phones and saying stupid things. I was really glad they left .
  8. Hi Noora! I wish they would come to Finland too, Noora, just for you . I had a fantastic night. It was really great! They finished around 10.45 pm I think, and I was in my bed at 1.30 am and I did go to school today, now I'm so tired! But it was certainly worth it!
  9. Hello everyone Nobody's here.. but I just want to say something so you know I'm still alive I hope everyone's going well. I am, anyway. I only have about six weeks school left and then I have summer holidays! And tomorrow I'm going to see Robert Plant & Alison Krauss in the Heineken Music Hall I'm really excited about that! I've never been to a concert before.. And I promise, I'll really try to be here a bit more. I've had some busy weeks, and the coming weeks will probably be a bit less busy Bye!
  10. That's a good idea. Sleep well.. bye!
  11. Hi! How are you? Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking of taking a very slow song with me, so I don't have to dance very quick..
  12. Hi I'm a bit busy right now, I have a Latin test tomorrow I also have to search some good music to dance to, I refused to do a stupid dance at school several times and now my teacher's angry, and I have to dance on my own in front of the whole class... But I'm allowed to take my own music with me, that's nice.
  13. :cheer: I really hope you're allowed to start a new thread!
  14. I love your avatar, Alicia. It's a fantastic picture
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