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  1. i heard about this on a local rock station, the wolf out of peterborough, ontario, canada!! hope its true, gonna camp outside the ticketmaster if it is!! hahahha
  2. sears

    GQ Awards

    i live near toronto, can someone please tell me why hes goin there, would love to see him with my own eyes!!!! THANKS
  3. sears

    Let's bet on it

    i think the song remains the same since the song is about travelling the world and all the world will be watching, plus not many vocals on that song and the vocals that robert did for that song were very low, good for a woman singer!!
  4. whats snigger mean??? i like the word!! hahahha
  5. hey, when the levee breaks is on the play list but they didnt play it, i was at the toronto show and lovedit, but i heard they were gonna play it and was disappointed when they didnt!!
  6. Hats off is a great song, took me a few listens to like it but i love it now, The Crunge and Dyer Maker are the ones that i skip!!
  7. check ledzeppelin.com home page
  8. what a fuckin loser, guy sniffed his dads ashes after he was cremated, if he cant respect his own father, how do you expect him to respect the greatest rock band of all time, listen to the reviews from SARS-STOCK about the stones performance, they sucked, ACDC stole the show
  9. ye ye toronto based promoter, if theres a tour he better get Zep to Toronto, play at Downsview where the Rolling Stones/ACDC SARS concert made the record for highest attendance for a single day show ever, like over half million were there, ACDC stole the show, Stones sucked shit!! If Zeppelin toured, bank loan here i come!!
  10. Heres the link!! Zeppelin has 3 songs in top ten!! From Q107 aka Q10zeppelin!! The station that "made rock and roll classic" -Jimmy Page http://www.q107.com/home/FiveHundredGreate...81/Default.aspx
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