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  1. MUST be No Quarter... It's low-key, but so...... agh I can't even explain it!
  2. shes basically the yoko ono of Zeppelin.... she killed the beatles, no Allison is ruining their tour chances..... I hate to find fault with anything Plant does, but he should dump her for the tour. Like right now.
  3. Why does that cover say "historic reunion tour"? I assume they meant show...
  4. I agree with pretty much everything, but I do have to point out that Pink Floyd has some VERY meaningful stuff that goes deep, I think you shortchange them a bit there
  5. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showb...ticle501608.ece I think it's a good idea, better to go lower than miss a note. But the "heated discussions" don't sound good for a possible 2008 tour!
  6. well they denied the rumor, but "no decision has been made" doesn't rule out the tour... its still a possibility
  7. Just look at what Page said... "It's a bit silly (for only one date) because there is such a massive demand," he said of the band’s upcoming performance at the O2 Arena in London. "It is a bit selfish to do just one show. If that is it we probably shouldn't have taken the genie out of the bottle." Why would he say that if there wasnt a tour??
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