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  1. I wonder if this is in the queue for a polish up and release. Anyone heard any updates? I'm surprised that there are not more questions about this collaboration in interviews.
  2. Chap

    Page’s amp

    Saw that his old Rickenbacker is for sale. https://reverb.com/item/4681861-rickenbacker-transonic-used-by-led-zeppelin-on-their-first-tour-of-the-u-s
  3. Well, no he doesn't play per se, but the mic placement is all Jimmy. They don't place-em like that anymore. And working the controls--it's a masterpiece. Sure to go down in history as a landmark in .....knob-work. OH!
  4. 110 million to Cespedes for a 4 year no trade contract when we still need a decent catcher? My Mets are making me nervous.
  5. In the O2 footage above, what is happening at the 3:59-4:01 mark. Sneaky bend? Effect? Self tuning guitar?
  6. I heard he was just waiting on a Cubs win. Something about mystical Goat Curses?
  7. Harper? Would be surprising. Could not be rehash. Jimmy does groundwork and brings in Roy for vocals once composition is set.
  8. New gizmotron 2.0 is $450 for guitar. New website is updated since the Nashville NAMM premier of the new model. http://www.gizmotron.com
  9. Listen to that lingering bass drum whomp in the intro stop time. I LOVE that sound.
  10. To the people who can isolate tracks of tunes, like the fascinating JPJ isolated bass on RO, is it possible to take the lyrics out of Midnight Moonlight? I would love to hear that.
  11. A few more years of faffing about with remastering these recordings for 8 track enthusiasts and we should be good to go.
  12. Only one more round of reissues before Jimmy releases new material!
  13. The new model of the Gizmotron is set to be released in July 2015 at the NAMM show in Nashville. There is a model for guitar, and there is one for bass as well. They are being cagey on pricing. We shall see!
  14. When the website first came out and the On This Day feature started, I was on board. I said that it is a palette cleanser. And it has done a fantastic job of resetting my thinking. Now granted, I am not as obsessive a fan as many on this board. I discovered Jimmy with Led Zeppelin 4 and went backwards and then continued to follow the band. So frankly, in my mind, Jimmy has been "1/4 of Led Zeppelin, who also did some other things." My palette has been cleansed. And my appreciation of zeppelin is more nuanced. Kashmir and SIBLY and WLL and the lot of it are not as isolated in my thinking as they once were. Now I think of those tunes as being the same guy that played "Downtown" and maryann Faithfull and the rest. On some level my appreciation for the choices Jimmy made in Zeppelin were enhanced by seeing the larger picture--more than the decade of Zeppelin. And the website has done that job well. And I also hold out hope that much of this is a purposeful angering and alienation of the OCD Zep-obsessed crowd. If there was ever a bunch whose expectations needed a little kick in the teeth, that is the proper lot. When that crowd starts rumbling with the "clearly he just can't bring it anymore" and "he's all done".....well.....we'll see. I will never believe that Jimmy Page is going to let those whining nabobs call his bluff if he is holding no cards. It seems calculated and well....funny to me. I hope I am right.
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