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  1. I wonder if this is in the queue for a polish up and release. Anyone heard any updates? I'm surprised that there are not more questions about this collaboration in interviews.
  2. Chap

    Page’s amp

    Saw that his old Rickenbacker is for sale. https://reverb.com/item/4681861-rickenbacker-transonic-used-by-led-zeppelin-on-their-first-tour-of-the-u-s
  3. Well, no he doesn't play per se, but the mic placement is all Jimmy. They don't place-em like that anymore. And working the controls--it's a masterpiece. Sure to go down in history as a landmark in .....knob-work. OH!
  4. 110 million to Cespedes for a 4 year no trade contract when we still need a decent catcher? My Mets are making me nervous.
  5. In the O2 footage above, what is happening at the 3:59-4:01 mark. Sneaky bend? Effect? Self tuning guitar?
  6. I heard he was just waiting on a Cubs win. Something about mystical Goat Curses?
  7. Harper? Would be surprising. Could not be rehash. Jimmy does groundwork and brings in Roy for vocals once composition is set.
  8. I think, properly done of course, a collaboration with Roy Harper that is more Jimmy as principal than sideman has potential. Like do the music, get it just so, and bring in Roy. It insures something new, surprising, not a rehash. Plus the comfort of familiarity is already there.
  9. 79 Strat 89 Rickenbacker 360wb 68 Gretsch Double Anniversary 07 Eastwood Saturn 63 80 Gold Star Banjo 53 Martin 0017 70's Englehardt Bass 03 Gitane 250M 59 Tweed Fender Tweed Champ 95 Mesa Boogie MKIV Sitar Fado Guitar Tanpura 81 Kentucky Mandolin 2 Octave Marimba Doubleneck Lap Steel 60s Espana Classical Midi guitar rig
  10. I drove myself insane trying to learn a Page tune. Everything about it was counter intuitive to the way my hands worked. All the bends come in weird places that required strange fingerings. After a long time wrestling with it, I realized that it was b-bender trickery. That song was Jam Sandwich.
  11. New gizmotron 2.0 is $450 for guitar. New website is updated since the Nashville NAMM premier of the new model. http://www.gizmotron.com
  12. This intro seems more bowish and less gizmotron. What do you guys think?
  13. Listen to that lingering bass drum whomp in the intro stop time. I LOVE that sound.
  14. Did we ever confirm this?
  15. To the people who can isolate tracks of tunes, like the fascinating JPJ isolated bass on RO, is it possible to take the lyrics out of Midnight Moonlight? I would love to hear that.
  16. A few more years of faffing about with remastering these recordings for 8 track enthusiasts and we should be good to go.
  17. Only one more round of reissues before Jimmy releases new material!
  18. The new model of the Gizmotron is set to be released in July 2015 at the NAMM show in Nashville. There is a model for guitar, and there is one for bass as well. They are being cagey on pricing. We shall see!
  19. When you listen to Jimmy talk--when all the interview sparring is gone and you hear him talk from the heart--from the very beginning It seems like it's about energy management for him--performing, recording, producing--all of it. It is about directing energy. Even when you hear him explaining his process for STH it is couched in terms of energy management--a building, a crescendo etc. His recent comments regarding WLL stripped down being like a trance like ritual. Even when you hear him talk about making the transition from the Yardbirds to LZ, he is talking about moving from the attraction plus a backup band of lesser musicians formula to a marriage of equals that allows for the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts, and that that sum is an energy. And with LZ, that energy is on an epic scale. As the song says, "How you gonna keep em down on the farm once they've seen Paree?" I imagine that for him, this new transition is a bit of a puzzle as it were, in that if it can no longer be that perfect marriage of equals, then on some level it means a return to that attraction plus a backup band kind of format. Plant seems to revel and flourish creatively in that sort of format. It allows him to experiment with different size crowds and manage energy of varying levels of intimacy. But does Jimmy's private nature really lend itself to that kind of experimentation--the kind that would allow a new band to form? So does he assume the mantle of bandleader and maintain control OR does he let go of that precious control in hopes of finding another marriage of equals? Thoughts?
  20. Are there any runout inscriptions on any of the new vinyl releases?
  21. So many of the 60s era English guitarists, including Page, point to Cliff Gallup as an inspiration. He was of course the guitarist that played on so many of the early Blue Caps records. One record that for years was a difficult recording to find was Cliff's solo record with his own band, called Straight Down The Middle. Now it's like under six bucks on iTunes, but for YEARS, it was one of those holy grails. So I picked this up the other day because I just love that Duo Jet with flatwounds sound, and sure enough, in the middle of this array of KILLER rockabilly instrumentals is this instrumental version of "Downtown" by Petula Clark--a tune most of us know featured Jimmy Page on guitar. How cool it must have been for Jimmy to pick up this record and hear one of his heroes record a version of a tune he was....instrumental in making.
  22. I for one vote to replace the "on this day" bit with "Listening to vinyl with Jimmy." Just a little clip of Jimmy listening to a tune--doesn't even have to be Zeppelin.
  23. Scarves? Cue revamped Steve Tyler rumors in 5...4...3...
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