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  1. Hi Steve, I studied with a master artist when I was in my late teens; he was giving courses independently. By the time I found him, I could already draw. I didnt really learn anything from anyone else until I met him. He was like someone from another era. So I don't know if that qualifies as formal, but there you have it.
  2. I did this a few years ago; 30x40 oil on canvas. http://jasonminos.weebly.com/
  3. Hi there, Just wondering if someone could give me a review of these songs on my website ( I'm the guitarist ). I'm trying to get as much feedback from this as I can. Thanks! http://jasonminos.weebly.com/
  4. Sorry guys; I was having trouble getting the image up. Didn't mean to do that double take either. Then again I am a Gemini so maybe it makes sense!
  5. This is a 24x28 oil canvas I did a while back.
  6. This is a 24x28 oil canvas I did a while back.
  7. This is a 24x28 oil canvas I did a while back.
  8. I find it a bit odd that no one has brought up the possibility of them doing an instrumental album and going on tour that way. No one who had the opportunity to ask them ever brought this up, if they ever discussed it. Jimmy has recorded a number of instrumentals and Jones did on 2 albums and toured successfully. I caught him on the Zooma tour and no one went home dissapointed; it was fantastic. So why not?
  9. I think Emerald Eyes is the best track on Outrider because he created a certain atmosphere that I liked and his use of electric/acoustic guitars, and guitar synth was really a nice blend. Writes of Winter has some really fine leads on it and Bonhams performance is good as well. Then there's the 3rd instrumental...can't think of the name....
  10. Dagger records live releases I have no problem with. Noel Redding Experience Sessions was great. But South Saturn Delta, "First Rays" and slapped together studio stuff like that no. I also don't like the fact that the musicians who played on these recordings were not getting paid. If it were up to me, that would be the first thing to do. Common sense of ethics.
  11. You apparently didn't read my post. They have his own hand written track list for First Rays...what do you not get about that? If they use his album titles, and put out studio albums w/ songs that are completed then you would have something closer to what he wanted, instead of a bunch of songs thrown on a disc, some finished some not, with no cohesiveness. The people behind these releases are not qualified for the job.
  12. I won't buy this album since I think Experience Hendrix are just a corporate machine exploiting his music instead of honoring it. When he was working on First Rays of the New Rising Sun in 1970, nobody knew exactly which tracks he wanted on the album until they found his hand written track listing in 1994 for sides A, B, and C. when his relatives took over in '96, they had a great opportunity to put out the lost Hendrix album the way HE wanted it. Instead they chose to ignore his song list and did their own for "First Rays" in '97. This makes absolutely no sense since this would have been a legit Hendrix album, and side D is pretty obvious: In from the Storm, the title track, probably valleys of neptune and Izabella, the guess is only a few songs. The other thing they could do (but won't) is put out a 4th Experience album. A number of tracks were completed at TTG studios in late '68 plus some songs were left off of Electric Ladyland...that could be done with one of his album title ideas he had in '69-'70: The End of the Beginning, People Hell and Angels, Shine On and Gypsy Sun. Also, Band of Gypsys recorded about 30 tracks. Why not a Gypsys studio album called Gypsy Sun, as long as Billy cox is okay with it? The other thing that is not cool is the fact that they've been sitting on the Miami pop video which was missing for over 30 years...instead of announcing that they found it several years ago. This is a big find, there aren't many videos of him from '68! So unfortunately these people think their ideas are better than Jimis, the fans don't matter and I know for a fact the musicians were not getting any royalties...unless somethings changed recently. They need to be reminded that if not for the fans and the musicians, they wouldn't have a job. Valleys of Neptune?
  13. So much for Page and Bonham! Maybe Page will guest on the album or something. FOOEY
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