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  1. One for the samples file. This Jimmy Page signed guitar is currently for sale by a music memorabillia seller. They gurantee the Page signature on the Guitar. This Guitar is signed by Jimmy Page only and the asking price on their website is several thousand dollars. It has a unique and useful Jimmy Page Signature though to store in your sample files. http://img27.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ji...guitarcuxe0.jpg Many Thanks All
  2. As always ,my sincere thanks to all who are replying to my post. I am still following the post. As noted ,a refund will be in the offering. Like some who posted though ,man , I would hate to return this Guitar only to find that it was authentic but having an inaccurate story of the when and where signed. If that was the case I would be forever kicking my you know what. I have a music room in my house where only I venture. It is my little place to escape the world and enjoy life in my own special way. Once in that place I choose depending on my mood , I play ,Guitar , Saxophone and Classical Fl
  3. Apologies ,Forum. In my last post I was incorrect in stating the suspect place was a Royal Arts. The company is actually autographsamerica.com that is said to have taken the Hard Rock Cafes for some bucks on forgeries.
  4. Again many thanks to all for confirming my beliefs. My main concern was in not being able to place the guys in New York when the documents state they were. This makes it easy to conclude that if they were not there at that time then the signatures are fake for sure Again though this being the case and your help in confirming will make it all that much easier in taking the refund from the online payment service and continuing the search for an authentic Zeppelin signed stratocaster. I must admit though I am not discouraged as I knew from the beginning that at $800 it was priced much to low.
  5. Thanks to all for the replies so far. I will continue to check in for coming replies . The following is a link to a picture of the Guitar. As mentioned ,my authentication expert feels that it is not only a forgery but a very poor one. To be honest I am not familiar with authentic Zeppelin autographs so I would not know but know you all most likely do. I collect these things for my personal music room in my home. Most of my collection is in Jazz , John Coltrane, Stan Getz and Grover Washington Jr. (Prior to his death) . I have alway had some things signed by Ozzy and Randy Rhodes (Prior to his
  6. Greetings to all Led Zeppelin Fans and forum members. I am seeking some information that most likely can only be found from a die hard long time Zeppelin Fan. I recently purchased a supposed signed Zepplin Guitar. It is a black Fender Strat copy and includes silver paint pen signatures for Robert Plant ,Jimmy Page and John Paul as well as the sign for Jimmy Page (Zoso) in the same silver pen. The Guitar came with authenticity doumentation done by a place called, "Hollywood Collection". The Guitar also had a secondary appraisal doucment from a place called , "Legends Gallery". Problem is I was
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