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  1. Just got it on Vinyl it is hands down very good.Worth the purchase very rootsy.
  2. "God's coffee Table" last time we talked I tossed it at him and he tossed it back at me .....my advice.... avoid bein an insulant child at God's coffee table ...I'm goin for his china cabinet next time ......I never learn.
  3. Therapizin to it now gotta love Soulful music also saw em on opening night in Memphis very very nice they nail it live hope the guy I gave a ticket to for Little Rock Enjoyed the Show I got a bit side tracked down south I'm sure he did
  4. GoneFishing


    Buried a Father,the father of my children(father to 7), a son,and most recently my lover and friend of 8 yrs Joe Aug.28th whom died on the couch of an overdose......only way to go on for me is to Live through it and grab all the sunsnine/ moonshine and heart I can and carry them with me in my heart ........love whom you Love unconditionally and say what ya want when ya want don't hold back much ... glad I lived the hell outta life with them good and bad and sometimes it is a bit much and I think of my Father who buried his entire family and he always said.. ."Smile and the world smiles with
  5. Everyday guraunteeeed @500pm 2 diff. Zep songs on KSHE 94.7 St.Louis,MO Courtesy of Favazz )
  6. Yes :0) Have you sat in the rain on purpose with no concern just to feel better?
  7. I hope the new generation doesn't step back .........:0)
  8. LOL very funny post thanks for the giggle

  9. Very nice statement, I truely loved the Movie as a music junkie it was the equivalent to an opiate fix for me ..I imagine ....only nicotine n coffee here ....
  10. hahaaaaa ha omg very funny. would ,.love to see the clip if ya ever find it.
  11. We have a good year to deal with this Hamdemic , I 'm sure we will get through the porkalispe but it's my humble opinion that it's Mother Natures way of say whoaaaaaaa Nelly, Wash Your Hands keep your self hydrated take your vit.c,zinc and euchinacea and practice the cdc guidlines. CDC
  12. 8-9ish inches beautiful cold 15 degrees F
  13. One Mans Ceiling is Another Mans Floor~Robben Ford & Susan Tedeschi
  14. That's the fun of it sounds wonderful hope they bring it on and no it's not Led Zeppelin but can't wait to hear it and maybe catch a smige of Zeppelin again during the next Olympics
  15. Many Religions rule women out of leadership roles also as a matter of economics .To pay for a priest and nuns for example in the Roman Catholic church it was cheaper to throw in vows of celebecy to eliminate paying for families service, the added expense of the Priest ,his wife and children couldn't help the vatican rack up it's mass fortunes of the past .As well as women are seen as more fragile and it would have been unacceptable for her to travel vast distances and settle in remote areas to mission to the "savages" alone.
  16. Very much agree I love" Four Sticks "as well as "The Rover" and I will add "That's The Way" truely beautiful song .
  17. Good interview awsome colaboration it really made a great musical potpouri to my 2008 . I thought the video clips of Led Zeppelin @O2 looked very good quality I hope it comes out in the next year or so before it's lost its momentum.
  18. What a fun post giggled reading it thinkin huh I never thought about ever doing such a thing what a spur of the moment fun thing to do good for you sounds like you guys had a blast ! Wishin Al feels better best regards .Pics ? of the infamous beeeeeeeeer lmao Right on you go girl.
  19. 1 of a few things but this was laugh out loud funny :
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