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  1. Just got it on Vinyl it is hands down very good.Worth the purchase very rootsy.
  2. Everyday guraunteeeed @500pm 2 diff. Zep songs on KSHE 94.7 St.Louis,MO Courtesy of Favazz )
  3. Yes :0) Have you sat in the rain on purpose with no concern just to feel better?
  4. LOL very funny post thanks for the giggle

  5. We have a good year to deal with this Hamdemic , I 'm sure we will get through the porkalispe but it's my humble opinion that it's Mother Natures way of say whoaaaaaaa Nelly, Wash Your Hands keep your self hydrated take your vit.c,zinc and euchinacea and practice the cdc guidlines. CDC
  6. 8-9ish inches beautiful cold 15 degrees F
  7. One Mans Ceiling is Another Mans Floor~Robben Ford & Susan Tedeschi
  8. 1 of a few things but this was laugh out loud funny :
  9. Ruthie Foster is someone I came across this summer if ya like bluesy/gospel/roots music
  10. I'll be able to get the roof fixed before winter and this: Jimmy Page Plays Chopin
  11. It still has it's little Gems :Sunday Morning Klassics with U-Man ,The 7th Day on Sunday with Radio Rich they play whole albums , Daily Dose of Led Zeppelin with Favaz everyday at 500pm on the dot they play 2 Zep Songs .send me your addy in an email I 'll mail you a few stickers and bootleg discs for nastalgia. Y ou as well would enjoy they Web site they have a huge online vault Realrockradio museum I think its called lots of pics and things that happend with Radio station and StLouis over the yrs.
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