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  1. I voted for The Rain Song. I love playing it on acoustic guitar for my friends. They look at me like I'm a freaking guitar god or something! Little do they know I spend countless hours learning that song as I wanted to nail it from the opening note. D-G-C-G-C-D...love it!
  2. SIBLY on the '95 Page & Plant (No Quarter) DVD.
  3. ...C'mon, we all have some that you just don't like or won't listen to. I know we're all LZ fans here, but there has to be a few songs on your list. Here's my list, as much as I hate to admit it: In no particular order... Hot Dog Carouselambra Celebration Day South Bound Suarez (Saurez; mis-spelled on the record label) Tea For One White Summer (can only listen to it a few times before I'm ready to move on to the next song) Out On The Tiles I know this may rub a few LZ fans raw, but I have to be honest. I love LZ's music, but those are just a few songs of theirs that I just can't listen to. Believe it or not, even D'yer Mak'er doesn't float my boat sometimes. Fire away! DT
  4. Jimmy Sakurai is an amazing guitarist. He's invested the time, money, and effort to duplicate Jimmy Page's style, tone, and act. I own a guitar magazine featuring Jimmy Sakurai and all his "tips" on how to play Led Zeppelin songs and duplicate the Jimmy Page sound. He's simply, amazing! JUN626 on YT is another great guitarist, but he only plays the parts on guitar, not Jimmy's act on stage. In fact, none of JUN626's TYT videos even show his face for whatever reason. The dude just wants to show he can play in the JP style, which he does amazingly well. In fact, he's brilliant! His rendition of "Immigrant Song Live" is simply amazing. Jimmy Sakurai is part of a tribute band that travels the world performing. I'm not sure if he's still performing or not but if he ever makes it Albuquerque-way, I'll be sure to catch his act! Stay hard. DT
  5. I was always led to believe that LZ was very protective of their music and how it's "exploited", especially when it comes to Hollywood movies. You recall the scene in Wayne's World where they weren't allowed to play or even resemble anything near to SWTH. In School of Rock, Jack Black pleaded to LZ to allow them to use Immigrant Song in the movie. LZ obliged. Great scene! However, I was watching an episode of One Tree Hill recently, and they finished the episode with a COMPLETE rendition of "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You". I was shocked to hear this! Did LZ approve this? I'm sure they did, but you get my point. DT
  6. Please list all of the "official" nicknames or "known" nicknames of the members of Led Zeppelin. I know there are more. Don't include ones that you use. Only ones that you know the members of Led Zeppelin used or recognized. Please add to this list...: Jimmy Page: Pagey Robert Plant: Percy John Paul Jones: Jonsey John Bonham: Bonzo
  7. Nancy Wilson of Heart was quoted when asked what her favorite song was and she replied with something like, "If I could write a song like The Rain Song, I'd probably sprout wings and fly away."
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