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  1. Happy Birthday!...JP 69 is better than 70, which is better than 71, which is better than 72. You get the idea!
  2. Sorry Old Shep! I meant no harm. String farts...good one! Glad my post has been so entertaining. JTM...Get bent. DT
  3. Bayougal65 and Woz70...Thank you for your comments. JTM...Get bent. It was a simple, honest question and observation on my part. DT
  4. We've all read where Jimmy was a stickler for recording techniques. Mic placements to add depth, phaser on Bonzo's symbols (live performances), back-tracking, looping, echo, and so on. But what I've never really understood is why Jimmy allowed for all the string squeaks on SWTH to remain on the recording? I'm of course referring to the acoustic at the beginning to the song. Personally, I'm so used to it that if it were to be re-mastered and removed, I'd be disappointed. But I do recall the first few times I heard it I thought, that's sloppy playing. Guitarist get highly criticized for st
  5. Going to California, yes. Battle of Evermore...a resounding No. No offense to JPJ, but having to do the backing vocals to that song is brutal.
  6. Glad they saved Led Zeppelin for last. You know the saying, right? I thoroughly enjoyed the tribute. I would have liked to have seen the full-version of SWTH, but at 8:02 in length, I can see why CBS edited it. I thought Jack Black's tribute was both funny, slightly controversial, nails-on, yet under-sold. I think I would have preferred Alec Baldwin instead. Baldwin loves Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page. I like his quote, (paraphrasing), "I'd cut off my pinky finger to be able to play guitar like Jimmy Page!" I am sure he's referring to the pinky finger on his right hand. Robert Pla
  7. Can Kashmir really be considered a riff?
  8. I voted for The Rain Song. I love playing it on acoustic guitar for my friends. They look at me like I'm a freaking guitar god or something! Little do they know I spend countless hours learning that song as I wanted to nail it from the opening note. D-G-C-G-C-D...love it!
  9. Can you imagine if these two had written and performed, "Under Pressure"? DT
  10. Republican vice-presidential candidate, Paul Ryan is a Led Zeppelin fan! He's got my vote! DT
  11. Chatter on the Internet states that there will be some sort of "activity" coming from Led Zeppelin around Christmas. Who whould have ever thought LZ was so "traditional"? My bet is the O2 concert will be avaialbe on DVD/BR disc. DT PS: To the Mods of this site, many of my posts have either been deleted or moved. Not sure why, but if you do that to this one, I'm outta here.
  12. SIBLY on the '95 Page & Plant (No Quarter) DVD.
  13. ...C'mon, we all have some that you just don't like or won't listen to. I know we're all LZ fans here, but there has to be a few songs on your list. Here's my list, as much as I hate to admit it: In no particular order... Hot Dog Carouselambra Celebration Day South Bound Suarez (Saurez; mis-spelled on the record label) Tea For One White Summer (can only listen to it a few times before I'm ready to move on to the next song) Out On The Tiles I know this may rub a few LZ fans raw, but I have to be honest. I love LZ's music, but those are just a few songs of theirs that I just can't l
  14. Apparently, this is going viral on the Internet. http://now.msn.com/entertainment/0314-siri-stairway-to-heaven.aspx Rock on, Siri...
  15. Well, according to this article anyway. Tell LZ fans something they already don't know, right?! http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/endorphins-232500595.html DT
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