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  1. horse latitudes - the doors
  2. home by the sea - genesis
  3. you're so bad - tom petty
  4. when the music's over - the doors
  5. love me two times - the doors
  6. give my love to rose - johnny cash
  7. Same here; if I hadn't heard The Ocean so much on the radio I probably wouldn't have voted for Over the Hills and Far Away. It's a pretty song.
  8. I'm a cashier at a grocery store, and am pre-programmed to greet each customer with some form of "How's it going?" and "Did you find everything okay?" but I still try and act somewhat human after they reply. So I asked this guy how his day was going, and he told me it was "just one of those days," so I asked him what was going on. Poor guy, said his car was stolen, and he hadn't realized that till he needed a ride to the hospital. He showed me his hand and there was a nail going through it, right through the fat piece of your hand by the wrist on the pinky side. He didn't seem to upset though, it kind of put a new perspesctive on when I bitch about petty stuff like not finishing my calculus homework the night before even though I had time.
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