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  1. There's some new footage on Youtube from a warm-up gig they did last night. From what I've heard, they sound pretty good. They tuned their songs down half a step to give Brian a break; frankly, I think they should've done so back in the 90's, but whatever. Malcolm and Cliff's back up vocals sound a bit rough, but hey, this is a warm-up gig. One thing's for sure, though: Angus is crazy as ever. A fan also managed to take a photo of what appears to be a complete setlist for the tour: In case you can't read it: 01. Rock 'N Roll Train 02. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 03. Back In Black 04. Stiff Upper Lip 05. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 06. Thunderstruck 07. Hard As A Rock 08. The Jack 09. Hells Bells 10. Shoot To Thrill 11. You Shook Me All Night Long 12. TNT 13. Whole Lotta Rosie 14. Let There Be Rock 15. Highway To Hell 16. For Those About To Rock 17. Anything Goes 18. Big Jack 19. War Machine 20. Black Ice 21. Bad Boy Boogie
  2. Bon is better than Brian technically, but I like them both equally. Brian himself seems to have a huge respect for his predecessor (he won't sing "It's a Long Way to the Top" because it's Bon's signature song). And Bon, who once saw him in a Georgie concert, thought he was great.
  3. I honestly thought that people had forgotten that the concert was for Ahmet in the first place. Hell, some people I asked didn't even know who he was! It's nice to see a thread paying tribute to him for once. RIP Mr. Ertegun.
  4. Jimmy scores a nice little thing for his neck... all I get is a pencil... Perhaps it's because it's led. EHHHHHH! Alright you lucky guys and gals! Ladies and gentlemen... a very serious part of the night has arrived... where I nip off to the dressing room to get a blowjob... (later on...) I don't want to present any cliches, but when I was 19, everybody else was a lot older, we got together in a tiny room in London... We didn't have any bread, so it had to be a small room, and we... we got together, and we picked up our instruments, and... uh, the blowjob, by the way, was fantastic! Um... we picked up our instruments and we said "Right. If this is good, we shall play until the last sunsets in the west." And the first number we got to play on was a number that made us sure that we should carry on.... and on... and on... (audience member: "And on!") It's quite moving, actually. We'd like to dedicate this to our manager, Peter Grant, who's made so many things possible. He's the man who gives us the blowjob in the dressing room!
  5. He makes a similar quip at Knebworth, where Jimmy was having problems with his amp before the Rain Song, and Plant asks him if it was made in Scotland. Also around the same moment: "Are ya alrright Jimmah?!"
  6. Actually, that was the one they used for DVD. They just cut that last part out.
  7. Well, at least while they were active. They did win the Lifetime Achievement Award back in '05.
  8. Sometimes I just wonder how Plant comes up with these, especially the second one.
  9. No, he has a Fender Electric XII, which he used to record Stairway, and probably more of them. I dunno, maybe Page just felt like using the double neck...
  10. This is the only song where Page used the EDS - 1275 (the double neck, for those of you who don't know), so he'd presumably use that. Mostly he'd be playing the backing track, but I'm sure he'd add in a couple of solos here and there to counter Jonesy's playing. And I think Plant's vocals would be a lot more audible and coherent.
  11. Yeah, he and Page even added a little bit of Break On Through during their tour.
  12. Well, damn. It could've been the highlight of the show.
  13. SIBLY was performed, but it was months before they had recorded III. So maybe (to quote the Garden Tapes guy) Jimmy thought it sounded a bit too primitive compared to the MSG one. And I also wish Heartbreaker was included. Shame they couldn't find the last reel for that.
  14. No, it's definitely fuck. At first, I thought it was "fluck all", but that wouldn't make much sense, now would it?
  15. Hmm, that's strange. He sings the entire song in a lower (and more mellow) tone in TSRTS while in HTWWW his voice is still high and mighty.
  16. Well, Misty Mountain Hop and The Ocean were. Since I've Been Loving You is included, but there are certain parts that are different. And Black Dog has a huge chuck cut out of it. OTHAFA (and, to some extent, Celebration Day) is all new.
  17. I love how nobody picked Stairway. I picked Going to California, because it's one of my favorite acoustic tracks.
  18. No, where did you get that? It's all new. The way you can tell is Plant's vocals.
  19. HTWWW gets the slight edge for TSRTS for being a bit more powerful and punchier. Also, there's less edits in the former than the latter. They're both great though.
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