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  1. That was quite something... As it seems to be the trend, the sound at the beginning was a tad too quiet, but it got better as it went on. There were still a few problems, however; it sounded like a stereo mix trying to emulate a surround sound mix at times, especially during Jimmy's violin bow solo. I guess I'll have to wait until the Blu-Ray comes out before I can hear this performance with some more consistency. Sound problems aside, though, it was so great seeing this in theaters. There was a sizable crowd at my theater, and there was some light applause and whoops. There were even a
  2. http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2012/sep/21/led-zeppelin-reunion-questions?newsfeed=true
  3. New footage of Black Dog. It's the same clip as what we've seen before, except with new angles and NO feedback. I love the way this thing is shot and edited so far; no super fast cuts or crazy shaky-cam. Also, the aspect ratio is the standard 1:78:1.
  4. If you want a real opinion on why Blu-Ray isn't dead, check out this link: And scroll down to the 10/30/08 article.
  5. Off the top of my head, there's For Your Life, Trampled Underfoot, Since I've Been Loving You, Misty Mountain Hop, Kashmir, and Whole Lotta Love. Actually, I think that's pretty much all of them.
  6. It's definitely much smoother. Although I still like 8/4/79 better because it's much more energetic and frenetic than this one.
  7. There's some new footage on Youtube from a warm-up gig they did last night. From what I've heard, they sound pretty good. They tuned their songs down half a step to give Brian a break; frankly, I think they should've done so back in the 90's, but whatever. Malcolm and Cliff's back up vocals sound a bit rough, but hey, this is a warm-up gig. One thing's for sure, though: Angus is crazy as ever. A fan also managed to take a photo of what appears to be a complete setlist for the tour: In case you can't read it: 01. Rock 'N Roll Train 02. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 03. Back In B
  8. I just heard "War Machine" on their myspace (it's on their official website too). I can't wait for this album!
  9. He was such an important part to Pink Floyd, and he will be missed greatly....
  10. Bon is better than Brian technically, but I like them both equally. Brian himself seems to have a huge respect for his predecessor (he won't sing "It's a Long Way to the Top" because it's Bon's signature song). And Bon, who once saw him in a Georgie concert, thought he was great.
  11. Whoa, Oct. 30th for Chicago?! That's awesome! I really hope I can get a hold of some tickets before they sell out.
  12. I know, that's why they first caught my attention. Especially that double neck one he used during "Wonderful One." But from what I'm hearing here, they're not that great. I'll just try them out myself, see if I feel any different. Once I get the money, of course.
  13. I especially love the "Warning: contains Led" label.
  14. I'm thinking of getting a new acoustic, and the Ovations have caught my eye. Anybody have an opinion on these?
  15. That's a pretty sweet guitar. I'd buy it just so I can say it's a "perfect Bich."
  16. I can't stop listening to Rock 'n Roll Train right now. It's just pure AC/DC, nothing more, nothing less. I thought Brian Johnson's vocals would be shot by now, but I guess not. And I would love to sing this chorus with a crowd at their concert.
  17. "Drummer Jason Bonham told Detroit radio station 94.7 WCSX..." Yep... I'd say this is quite real. I'm just praying that Plant gets involved. If not, I'll still happily buy the album.
  18. The first three minutes of Jimmy's violin bow solo in TSRTS was what made me a Zeppelin fan. I knew about their music before and liked their stuff, but it was when I first saw that when I declared myself a fan. Since then I've seen/heard hundreds of violin bow solos, but for some reason, that one stands out to me as the best.
  19. Plant's high note near the end of Since I've Been Loving You really caught me off guard. I was like, "Holy HELL, I didn't know he could still do that!" I mean, sure, it wasn't quite the same as in the good old days, but it sure came close. There's also Jimmy's violin bow solo and Plant's performance in Kashmir.
  20. I honestly thought that people had forgotten that the concert was for Ahmet in the first place. Hell, some people I asked didn't even know who he was! It's nice to see a thread paying tribute to him for once. RIP Mr. Ertegun.
  21. I was thinking of how cool Over the Hills and Far Away would sound tuned down. I really wished they would've done something like that, but oh well.
  22. That's what I thought I was supposed to feel when I listen to it. It is a really sad song, and yet it makes me smile... Again, I'm losing it...
  23. Is it just me, or is it impossible to listen to this song straight through without grinning the entire time? I mean, I've listened to this song multiple times, and for some reason, I can never stop smiling at how utterly brilliant it is. Especially when Robert starts screaming at the end, I almost want to burst out laughing - not because I think it's funny, but because I can't believe I'm listening to something so great. I dunno, I just listened to this song a couple of minutes ago, and I just felt compelled to type this all out. Maybe I'm just insane, who knows? All I know is, this s
  24. For Knebworth, they edited footage from both nights, and they did the same thing for Earls Court (though not from all five nights; I think it's just from the 24th and 25th). They also used some bootleg footage in Knebworth, and they altered some of the visuals in Earls Court (the grainy, zoomed in shots during the acoustic set, or the zoom-ins for Trampled Underfoot, to name a few).
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