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  1. I AGREE. I`M FROM BRASIL. hi. i`ve listened very bootlegs (on CD and on DVD)... but, about "the song remains the same", i agree... i have the LP (original 1976), the VHS version and the DVD first edition... i`ve the new edition too and it`s easy to feel too many changes ! on "stairway to heaven", at the vocals (ahahahah)... (the same at "rock and roll"... here are modificatins on chorus, with bass and drums and guitar together with the vocals...). we can too listen "claps and ovation of fans" on "black dog"... "Moby Dick" is absolutely another track! amazing, but absolutely strange of the original track (and i`d never listened something like that... it`s the same music? yeah...). on DVD "Since I`ve been lovi`you" has different vocals part, but that was not on original DVD/CD and here it`s sound good. The song remains the same, at original track alive, we`ve had plant`s voice bad at the final of the verse "the song remais... the same"... Now, they edit the final and we can here voice`s plant without mistake... rain song and whole lotta love have no modification. dazed and confused (full version, very, very good at DVD, with Bonham and Jones showing us how good they were!!!! but we lost a little of plant`s "ahahahahah" in the middle... that kind of conversation betwen the Gibson played by Page and the throat of plant that we all like... No Quarter, a different version... THe news tracks (black dog, ocean, what is and what should never be and celebration day at CD are wonderful...). really that are edits... but why? Plant still is whithout a toot at the image of "rock and roll"...why they didn`t edited that image?
  2. grammy... to plant and alison... congratulations mister plant...
  3. new grooving...yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh interesting... what jimmy wold say about put an eletrig guitar with that voice - loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -
  4. who knows how to show this video for JIMMY, ROBERT and JOHN PAUL??? the singer has a nice voice, maybe could sing with them in a new project...
  5. enjoy it... a brazilian SAMBA band playin rock´n´roll access in http://whiplash.net/materias/news_878/0837...edzeppelin.html what is your opinion???????????
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