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  1. I do like to be helpful, especially for those who might be geographically challenged. Clinch Mountain is a mountain ridge in the U.S. states of Tennessee and Virginia, lying in the ridge-and-valley section of the Appalachian Mountains. It runs in a general east-northeasterly direction from near Blaine, Tennessee to Garden Mountain near Burke's Garden, Virginia. Yes Martha, the Mississippi Delta is much further down river, but I wanted to focus in on the part near Memphis and the Clarksdale region, for reference. And I circled the Clinch range near the peak northeast of Knoxville. Wel
  2. As you can see, it WAS released and saw the light of day for a short time, but enough copies were sold to be available in second-hand record stores and sometimes on Ebay for instance. That '71 release was a color cover and then it was also re-released by Columbia Special Products (I believe) in ~ 1976. That too was quickly recalled. I know I've seen black and white covers of it. Not sure if that was the CSP release or pirated copies. As far as a digitized version, Moreland Street released this set in 2000 (seen below) and it's the cleanest digital copy I've heard. However, the original
  3. Good post ! Yeah, many reasons for Ray's numbers for sure. As far as Herbie, his percentage rose higher...900+% compared to Raising Sands 700+ %, but yes, both are large. I'm sure that Billboard number includes downloads too though, whereas the Ray numbers probably didn't as recent as 4 years ago. That's speculation, but could be confirmed quickly if I dealt with it. It is funny how publicity and popularity is so contagious. I'm sure alot of people throughout time, consider the music, but when they win Grammy's they see it as legitimizing an artwork and feel they want to be a part
  4. I love all these one line, well thought out, posts especially when they quote a well defined, detailed post. It's amazing some people have 50% of their posts like that. How 'bout some substance by those who tend to post so VERY LITTLE in a large part of their posts !
  5. So..I'm curious, what do you think of the numbers I posted ? Just curious to see if there are any objective thoughts...not just some emotional downcasts of facts.
  6. Just some more comparative numbers. Doesn't anyone see that ? How can facts be disputed ? And by the way, I have spent much time in and around the industry and could care less if others know it or not. My message is sound, but it's just another case of shooting the messenger. My posts speak for themselves, can be researched and confirmed. What a bunch of sourpusses, posting one line BORING posts. How bout some substance ? From last years Grammy's, 2008. It all starts with the album sitting at #2, Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, which sold more than 115,300 copies (a 368 per
  7. For instance, Here's the largest gathering I ever went to. The headliners were the B-52s and The Saturday Night Live Band. EARTH DAY 1990; April 22 Music and, Oh Yes, Earth Day in Park Published: April 23, 1990 So many people converged on Central Park for Earth Day yesterday that Beth Cramer, sitting on the park's Great Lawn, could not see many of the speakers denouncing the degradation of the environment on the dais in front of her. But others at the Earth Day observance yesterday were apparently drawn more to the promise of a beautiful spring day and free music in the sun
  8. Yeah, I agree, Isle of Wight was a disaster in FINANCIAL concerns, but not musically. Woodstock was great, Watkins Glen was great, Atlanta Pop, Texas Pop, Miami Pop, the Newport Fests, The 70s big fests were generally good, 100,000 + crowds and very little violence and problems. So I don't agree that Altamont was an ending signal except for the fact that it was the last month of the 60s. But concert Festivals went on and were successful. California Jam, I could go on and on really.
  9. For the most part though, Altamont was an abberation. Most big fests were fairly peaceful and succesful, at least in the music sense and fun gatherings. They were always fringe problems, but not the magnitude of Altamont. Well, the Who stampeded was a real drag, the Woodstock reunion '94 was a disaster too. But that was because of all the slamming skinheaded punks who weren't there for the type of experience concert goers went to the original Woodstock for. The '94 times were different, the hippie idealism was gone. As much as Altamont seems to define the end of an era or movement,
  10. You made a quick, unresearched post somewhat rebuking my post that I found FACTS for. You just don't like it. That's too bad. I wish it were more too. But obviously by the post you made, you DID need to be informed, because you showed that you weren't aware of business needs and practices. Or else you'd have understood in a way of agreement. My post wasn't opinion, it was LACED with facts. Your post wasn't factual, it was opinion.
  11. No, but the point remains. Music sales are down drastically. It IS A SAD STATE. And of course you can compare it. If anything the comparison holds MORE water because we have MORE people today to buy music so it's even MORE pertinent. ALL business relies on MORE sales each year. The music industry notwithstanding. Business is SHEER numbers, other factors include things like taste and preference. But numbers don't lie and that's my point. Don't be blind to it.
  12. All things being relative. I don't really think an additional 77,000 immediately after the big Grammy wins by Robert and Alison are all that impressive, true numbers wise. From number 69 in the charts to no. 2 or 3, whatever it is, is quite a leap. Then again, it's still relative. Just four years ago, Ray Charles won a grammy for his collaborative album "Genius loves Company". Grammys boost Ray Charles' album sales in US Reuters Posted online: Thursday, February 24, 2005 at 1626 hours IST LOS ANGELES, February 24: Eight Grammy awards including album of the year helped make Ray
  13. Minimum wage/support family? That won't float. Poverty level in US for a family of four is about $22,000. Full time at a minimum wage jobe will bring in $6.55/hr., after taxes you'll be lucky to clear $1,000/month. Unless you got the full allotment of food stamps and all other assistance's available, you're going to have starving children. The autograph would be worth it.
  14. Maybe not "most overlooked", but certainly underappreciated would be, Hats off to Roy Harper There just doesn't seem to much love that that number. That's OK, more for me!
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