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  1. Thought id put my 2p worth in, only because I hadn't listened to this album in years and took a listen the other day. I have to say I bloody loved it. If you forget when it was made i.e that it was outdated in the grunge era, forget all the Coverdale being a Plant clone etc and all that rubbish and just take the album at face value, I think its a damn good listen.
  2. I always blamed Plant for Zep not at least doing a few more shows in 2007 just for the fans and thought it was almost a big 2 fingers to the fans. But having seen a few interviews with him recently, he clearly cares a lot about Zeppelin and up until 77 at least loved his time in the band. He knows it could never be the same so why spoil it. I must admit to being wrong about the guy and have far more respect for him now.
  3. Just fancy reading a biography and i know theres loads out there so just wondered if anybody recommends any one specific. Which is suggested to be the most accurate?
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