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  1. Sems Fir

    Page & Plant TV Promo Ads?

    I have links to the video walkthrough of the MGD Page / Plant Memorabilia Truck on my website www.anextranickel.com in the articles & features section. You can go to part one here: Memorabilia Walkthrough Part One and part two can be found here: Memorabilia Walkthrough Part Two. Six minutes into part two is the MGD Page / Plant commercial. I'm pretty sure that the commercial ran on MTV / VH1 during local commercial breaks. I can check my old VHS tapes to confirm as I taped commercials as well. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  2. Sems Fir

    Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple

    It's all a matter of opinion, and the author is entitled to theirs. A seasoned Led Zeppelin fan could write a similar type of piece praising Led Zeppelin while writing demeaning comments about other artists. Years ago an interesting article was written for the Deep Purple fanzine Darker Than Blue that showed similarities between Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The article even has noted Led Zeppelin author Dave Lewis' opinion at the end of it which I thought was a great thing to do considering it's a Deep Purple fanzine and they asked Dave for input. Whenever, I visit other sites devoted to another artist they generally seem jaded and all other music is terrible unless it's created by their favorite artist. Anyway all copyright credit goes to the authors of the Darker Than Blue fanzine. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  3. Sems Fir


    Thanks Sam, if it's best feel free to prune my two latest posts above to avoid confusion.
  4. Sems Fir


    Any idea who it is? Interesting that the roll is split.
  5. Sems Fir


    Hi Porgie66, From a different roll, here's more of Bonham. Note the last few images are of Bonham with the double bass drum set up. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  6. Sems Fir


    I own an example of the item you are referring to. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  7. Sems Fir

    Can we stop with Elvis being “King” of Rock and Roll

    Chuck was certainly a pioneer in the early days of what would become the genre known as rock and roll. However, I don't believe Chuck (or very few artists at all) will ever conquer these numbers in the next couple of decades. https://www.elvis.com.au/presley/one-billion-record-sales.shtml Robert www.anextranickel.com
  8. Sems Fir

    Can we stop with Elvis being “King” of Rock and Roll

    Everytime I hear Johnny B. Goode I think of Louis Jordan. While Chuck was certainly an influence on early Rock and Roll, many others were in the mix such as Little Richard. There will be only be one Elvis. 8>) Robert www.anextranickel.com
  9. Collectors usually start a focus on a particular segment of items or a particular timeframe of the band. Collect what makes you happy and at a means that's within your budget. Personally, I'm all over the board from basic items to much rarer items. Steve is correct. There's a lot of items locked up in personal collections that won't be available again for a long time. Best of luck in collecting the belt buckles. Pacifica made some really cool buckles. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  10. Sems Fir

    Scared Straight 1978 Led Zep tee

    Hi Tony, Here you go. $10.00 Buy it now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Led-Zeppelin-T-Shirt-1977-Tour-Youth-Size-Black/302643649289?hash=item4676f79b09:g:N-UAAOSwWWNZ0XTt Robert www.anextranickel.com
  11. Sems Fir

    Merit Adventures catalog

    For a walk down memory lane I have reloaded my comprehensive guide to Rick Barrett's Merit Adventures catalogs. I still have to work on some minor details but you can view the listing here: http://anextranickel.com/the-comprehensive-guide-to-merit-adventures-catalogs/ Robert www.anextranickel.com
  12. Sems Fir

    Unused tickets

    I agree with Steve anywhere between $150 to $225 and his estimate is a good idea. Now for the cool part of the post. I also have an unused 07/23/77 ticket. It's the next sequential number. The tickets were most likely purchased together. I tried to take an image utilizing a mirror. Hopefully you can make out the 139719. I also have an unused 07/24/77 as well. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  13. Sems Fir

    Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Obviously you didn't go back and reread the past thread. I hardly was putting emphasis on opening acts. I was stating facts not fiction and you bailed on the thread when I presented the 90,000 plus ticket sale number. Why continue to come on Led Zeppelin's official website with a personal axe to grind? If you are a Zeppelin fan then you know that years before The Stones small club tour Zeppelin performed a return to the clubs tour right? Zeppelin could have played a larger venue circuit and sell out the tour but stepped back. I also hardly made an emphasis on ticket prices. If you want to discuss having other acts on the bill and still performing we can add the Bath Blues Festival (1970) in there if you want to talk attendance numbers. Robert anextranickel.com
  14. Sems Fir

    Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Hi Stanlove, I hope you are well. I see the topic is going to be revisited again. It's unfortunate our previous discussion was sidetracked. The old thread was here: Last mention I posted the cancelled JFK show Zep where Zep were going to play in front of over 90 thousand without an opening act, but I didn't see a response from you. If you'd like to continue our discussion let me know. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  15. Sems Fir

    Zeppelin '77 Laminate

    It's just a commemorative pass, and was not used on the '77 tour. They are on Ebay weekly. Here's another one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-ZEPPELIN-BACKSTAGE-PASS-UNITED-STATES-1977-100-ORIGINAL-AUTHENTIC/162863768217?hash=item25eb6fe299:g:OpcAAOSw2x1XKP9o I have two of the four different colored laminates utilized by the SHOWCO road crew and that commemorative pass is completely incorrect when compared to an original. Robert www.anextranickel.com