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  1. Anything Zeppelin will never be obsolete !
  2. Very Sweet Collection. Well i am one year older than you, and i have a lot of Zep Everything, i have Been posting a few things recently, but i wish i could put it in a format the way you did, Anyways incredible collection dude, I will be checking it often. I have not added or asked anybody to be a friend on this forum yet, However i do hope you will allow me to be added to your friends list. With much respect. The Zepmiester.........Zeppelin Forever
  3. Count my Buttons...... How many are there ??????
  4. Has anyone seen one of these ? A Lithograph of Jimmy from 77. I've had this in my possesion for 22 yrs.
  5. The story to this picture, in 88 during the now & zen tour an aquaintance of mine obtained a stage pass from atlantic records, which allowed him to take dozens of pictures of Robert for three songs in that evenings set. a couple of years later he allowed me to look thru his negitives and choose one to my likeing, well i chose this one and had it enlarged to a 18 x 30 framed it hung it on the wall, then i took it to a dozen concerts over the next few years until i finally did it I got his autograph (in gold ink) on the picture, in Boston in front of the four seasons hotel on July 13th 199
  6. Hello To all my fellow Zep Heads. I would like to ask for all your help in viewing my Led zeppelin collection, I have amassed an enormous Collection of what everybody calls swag, I call them treasures, I have begun to make a compiltation video of my collection That i will be posting on you tube, However I would much rather share it with all of you, before i show the rest of the world. So today i have submitted a post in photos in the forum,(cool pictures of jimmy). every day i will be submiiting new photos of my collection, I do belive i have some very unique items that i am very sure
  7. Can you see the Gold autograph ?
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