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  1. Ha!! You called him out!!! Nice!!!

  2. Happy Birthday 59!

    You're still a puppy;)

  3. Hey man, good to see you here. I'll go fix dat box in a few...

  4. Empty your PM box!!!...

    How have you been?

  5. Keith's cool. One day me and my friend realized that he would be the only one survivor after Apocalypse. He and cockroaches. However...he will eat cockroaches)))

  6. Yay!!

    Our Keef defender is back!!


    insert beer,


  7. Yet another who makes me smile. We need a Keith defender and no one does it as well as you do.

    I really wish I could find that Deliverance pic... now seems like a good time for it.

  8. I was doing my best to defend Keith in your absence, until this place became too much for me--hope they let you back soon, my friend!!

  9. '59!

    I feel like I'm writing on a tombstone.

    I will miss you, my friend. It's too bad that the Official Keith defender is gone forever.

    See you around. You know how to find me.

  10. Miss you 59!

    Seems like a mass banning has become the norm. NOT cool.

    Looks like you may just be...."grounded."

    LOL, your profile does not say banned, so here's to hoping the banned can return!!!

    Get back soon!


  11. Thanks.

    Who's "we"?

  12. We love our official "asshole!"


  13. Thanks!!! I'll always be.....

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