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  1. If only this board had Rep points..... ...and people need an "expert" to tell them that if something like this happens,to put the car in Neutral and apply the brakes?...The fuck? In my world,that's called "common sense"
  2. I'm not a bandwagon-rider,but I'm really,really pulling for the Sanits.It's their year,and anyone that can beat the Dolts is going to have my support. That's fuckin' GREAT!!!! :lol:
  3. I like Alyssa Milano's "rebuke" via Twitter better:
  4. My tattoo.Everything else can be replaced,I wouldn't want to lose my tat-because that would mean losing my arm.
  5. I agree with the general sentiment,but aren't you forgetting something? (September 6,1995) ....and if you ask me,Roger Maris should have the asterisk:
  6. As an American,I must say that I don't "try to get approval" from anyone.
  7. This is the greatest post ever.... "if he could get away with it" I think is the key part,but for the most part I agree with you. This however,I agree with completely: ...but be careful complimenting Keith too much around here...
  8. No,there's more.....but I can't recall the rest at the moment.....
  9. Really? I have a whole list of them: Quit smoking Quit eating fried foods Quit eating red meat Quit using foul language Quit watching television Quit listening to music with an evil influence Give away all of my worldly possessions Go green Convert to Christianity Pray for redemption
  10. You're assuming that Keith would "kick it" first... Mick couldn't go on with The Rolling Stones without Keith,because Keith is The Rolling Stones. If comments that both Mick and Keith have made over the years are any type of barometer,Mick wouldn't carry on.He's spoken of being "bored" of rock and roll since 1972,maybe even earlier.The main reason he'd continue-or try to-would most likely be financial. Keith has commented that if it was entirely his choice,they'd keep going until they couldn't.I sincerely believe that if it was up to Keith,he'd literally keep going until he dropped de
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