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  1. I with you to.... But its many different as your mind: http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/23/prosh-di...07f_c6e5be6d_XL Its not so much, but you can also use it, for your information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CSKA_Moscow Or if you a Portugal http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/CSKA_Mosc%C3%BA
  2. artem

    Make a story

    Light turn of and from corner poltergeist said: WTF? In the dark flash two lights and computer take fire .... But Cthulhu wake up and...
  3. artem

    Make a story

    Rules: you need to write sentances after this one in correct order to make a story with any meaning... or without))) .... There was a midnight when....
  4. Good Times Bad Times- Led Zeppelin
  5. yeah, it was a great show.... one thing worse- i werent on any LZ concert...
  6. artem


    Привет, i live in Russia and love Led Zeppelin how you, too. So, i want to say здравствуй.
  7. Today its better in Moscow.... 0C Not so warm, but not so freeze.
  8. Why you think that Plant can every day reading thousands messages and why do you think that he has time for??
  9. I also like Beatles, and their songs like Let It Be, Helter Skelter etc. Only? most of Beatles songs have simple meaning.... This Band may add to"Indie Rock" cause these guys were kings of POP-rock! Anyway, IMHO
  10. I dont know, which thihg make me happy)))) And I say- I got simple fun today))))
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