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  1. Masks are not a 100% barrier/preventive. Viral load is key in transmission. Droplets and aerosolized virus particles are more concentrated the closer to the person exhaling them. If masked people pass by each other briefly in the grocery store, the amount of virus in the air at any one spot is pretty small. People close to each other for longer periods of time, and if one of them is exhaling the virus, the closer they are to each other and the longer they are close to each other, the more virus is exhaled in the vicinity. Think of what it's like when a smoker is walking past you while smoking versus standing next to you in a conversation for 15-20 minutes while having a cigarette. You would be exposed to a lot more smoke in the latter situation. That's why grocery stores don't seem to be a problem but crowded church services have been sources of outbreaks several times. Covid-19 is transmitted primarily by droplets but it also gets aerosolized. Both masks and distancing help minimize the viral load you might be exposed to or transmit to others. That's why I'm perfectly willing to go to the grocery store (well, some of them) but I'm not going to eat inside a restaurant.
  2. It has been shown repeatedly that masks DO work. They need to be made of appropriate material and worn correctly. They are one of the most important mitigation steps people can take. We don't have to "hide in our homes" but there are certainly higher-risk situations we can and should avoid. They aren't a "magic bullet" and other measures need to be done as well. However people don't like to change their behavior if it's inconvenient in some way. Instead, people would rather ignore recommendations and avoid using some common sense. It's so much more satisfying to gripe about the folks making recommendations and working on the problem than it is to examine and alter our own behavior.
  3. He and the CDC changed that within a couple weeks too. It's unfortunate that people hang on to the fist statement and conveniently overlook all the suggestions, requests, etc. made since then. Those recommendations changed over time as they learned more about this new emerging disease.
  4. He was right. Look at AIDS in Africa, India and other places back in the 1980s. You're right that his word shouldn't be taken as gospel, but he shouldn't be dismissed either. I think he's more of a scientist than some of you are willing to admit. Check out the links from this page... a quick review of several of them can give you a decent idea about the prevalence of AIDS in Africa. I worked as a nurse in San Francisco during the 1980s and remember that time period well. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=AIDS+epidemic+in+Africa+1980s This article in particular has some useful info https://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/article/section/real-stories/the-history-of-aids-in-africa/
  5. Hiya Stringbender,  it's been awhile... Lakey. 

    1. StringBender


      Howdy pal! I'll drop you a line later. So great to hear from you. 

  6. Hey there... been a long time... Life has been happening, as has the end of it as well. I do miss 'the old days' and some of the conversations/discussions/rants/diatribes... but especially some of the people here, and particularly you StringBender. But... we can't go back it seems... when we try, it's like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube... it doesn't work and the attempt can be kinda messy. I pop in briefly every few months and then pop back out. Meanwhile..... *waves hello*
  7. Congrats on your new band! I'm hoping that maybe eventually you'll be able to make it to my neck of the woods. I know it's extremely unlikely, but hey, a girl can dream. P.S. I like your hat.
  8. Gonna watch the Alabama Shakesd on SNL tonite!!
  9. Yeah, that's the one. As I mentioned, my daughter (who is now 24) watches it occasionally and I've seen it a few times. I do find it cringe-worthy, yet I also kinda enjoy it. (I can't believe I actually admitted that...). The songs are kinda catchy and I think that's what my daughter enjoys about it as much as anything else. I can see how a kid would find it pretty entertaining... I didn't see it until I was an adult with a 6 or 7 year old kid who wanted to see it... and I know I've seen much worse. (like the Dragonlance...omg).
  10. My daughter and I went to see The Hobbit a couple days ago. I pretty much agree with your assessment of it. I could see doing it in two parts but three? OTOH, they were able to insert some of the backstory that, in the books, was actually in the LOTR (or one of the appendices). At least I think it was there, I loved the books, but haven't read them real recently... may be time to do so). (I saw that cringe-worthy animated Hobbit thing awhile back. My daughter actually owns it and watches it from time to time ass kind of a joke. When my ex, a long-time Tolkien fan, saw it, he walked out of the theater. As far as I know, he never saw the rest of it). Left to my own devices,I probably won't go see the Hobbit again in the theater, but if someone else wanted to go and wanted company, I'd probably go if it could be at the same theater... that was marvelous, and made for a much more enjoyable movie experience.
  11. wet wet wet. The puddles have puddles. But... it isn't ice, so yay.
  12. Still sick, but a bit better. Procedure duly cancelled (the clerk thanked me... twice). Meanwhile, our 33-34 degree rain is changing over to sleet and freezing rain. (4 days ago, it was 70 out). But... the good news is... I already took the trash cans down a little bit ago. It didn't seem likely to get drier or warmer anytime soon, so that was a good plan.
  13. Yeah. It's a longstanding problem but the epidurals help some. I get them every 3-6 months or so. I doubt the medical folks want my (probably still contagious) coughing self breathing all over them... never mind what steroids can do to someone who's sick. Thanks for asking, ally.
  14. I'm still sick. I also wanted to get my epidural done on Tues. but it looks like I'll have to postpone it. I just hope I don't have to wait a long time. *sigh*
  15. I'm getting over my hellacious cold... and I'm grateful I got my flu shot a few months ago.
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