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    Cash Cab

    Being a reality show hater, I can't believe I'm hooked on this show. But it is the best show on cable, and I simply can't get enough of it. Ben is awesome, and the fares are sometimes just too funny. I'd like to take a trip to NYC, just to be in the Cash Cab...but I'd take the money (assuming I'd not get 3 strikes, that is...). Shout out...who loves it? and who hates it?
  2. place cursor on Hillary's face click enjoy with great pleasure http://www.netdisaster.com/go.php?mode=dog...laryclinton.com
  3. gotta bump this "original" VH thread... Last week, I purchased tix for the Pittsburgh show in March...for 2nd level seating, but facing the stage...$91 (with ticketraper fees)...I remember when Zep was $9.50 (of course, that was 1977 dollars). But I know it'll be a great show from the reviews so far... This will be my 5th VH show...1st one with DLR. I'll post afterwards, but to those Van Hagar haters... there are 2 distinct bands... so get over it!
  4. I hate to admit it, but...New England is the real deal...no one...NO ONE will be able to contain them. Congrats to all Patriot fans.
  5. A CAN OF WHOOP-ASS IS ABOUT TO BE OPENED ON THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: Tom Brady will eat dirt, served up by the Steeler D!
  6. three words: OMG! I am so sorry I missed that 95 Plant/Page tour. I believe I may have been mad that Jonesy wasn't included. What an ass for taking up that position. The drummer during the Unledded disc and this tour was just excellent. If Jason were not available for the gig, that young man would be a fine replacement. Of course, then there's that whole debate about them not being Led Zeppelin...(give me a break) Jimmy and Robert were stellar on that version...That's for the link!
  7. DTB is an awesome band. I've seen them many times, and Derek never ceases to amaze me. And when he and Warren are together with the Allmans, it's beyond words. Both guys have distinct styles, are both excellent at their craft, and each blows the audience away with every solo. I'm not sure how much longer the Allmans will be around, as I hear Gregg is having some medical problems. But I guarantee that Derek and Warren will continue to record and tour. I saw Derek with Eric Clapton October of 2006...no offense to EC, but Derek stole the show. I hear Derek is now considering a stint with C
  8. The thing I love about Rush is, they continue to produce strong material, and are still a tour de force in their live shows. I regret I missed them this tour, but my son saw them in Orlando and said it was solid from start to finish. In this day of big $$ to see live music, you simply can't go wrong with a Rush show. Neil Peart is a machine on the drums...perhaps the best rock drummer alive today. The fact that he continues to write the excellent thought provoking lyrics is amazing, since I can't think of another drummer who plays such a role. Alex and Geddy play so well against each othe
  9. I'd say the closest thing to an active Zeppelin-esk group today. And Warren Haynes plays a mean Jimmy... Who's seen em live, and which Zep cover did you hear? I've caught When The Levee Breaks and Living Loving Maid. I've always wished for a Since I've Been Loving You, which is excellent live (heard many versions on bootlegs). Also, Mule has a history of pulling out a No Quarter now and then. Just this past Halloween, they performed the entire Houses of the Holy album, start to finish. I think Warren and the boys might be Zep heads... Any other Gov't Mule fans out there?
  10. Greetings to all A fresh start, on this "new" site...just curious on where everyone's pecking order is: Mine: 1. Led Zeppelin 1 Perhaps the greatest debut recording ever - gotta love the blues on this one 2. Physical Graffiti Either side would make a complete "single" album, but together...it's a desert island staple! 3. Presence What can I say...no keys or acoustic guitars...just straight up R+R 4. IV (Zoso) When the Levee Breaks is the shit. 5. III Since I've Been Loving You...one of the finest blues numbers ever written. Looking forward to the di
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