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  1. 25 years ago, we lost Richard Manuel, my true musical hero. Rest in peace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBn1_Mq8h0c
  2. Yeah I heard about that album, seems good! Anyone watching The Last Waltz tonight?
  3. Yep, I saw the Calassic Albums thingy on The Band album. Levons accent is awesome.
  4. I heard of the book yeah, never really read any musicians books before in my life tbh lol I might check it out @Jahfin; glad to see Levon is still in top form
  5. Oh dear! I hope old Black is all good
  6. I praise him a lot for trying a lot of different styles. It's great and fresh, instead of sticking it safe he always did what he really wanted to do. I was just saying that when I first heard Trans it scared me cause I was only used to be his early 70's stuff at that point Also just to clarify, by scary I mean genuinely frightening, not like "bad" scary. It honestly frightened me, the wailing vocals and what not. Plus there is a nice story behind his use of the vocoder, I read because his son understood him better when he talked through it (since he had cereberal palsy), so you could say the album is almost a reaching out to his son, and in that case it's really great. You guys probably knew that, but eh
  7. I agree, upon listening to a lot of his stuff, after the 70's (and even in the the 70's) most of his albums tend to have one or two really great songs (there are exceptions of course), and the others seem to sound like every other generic country/piano/harmonica song he's written His 80's output is scary imo. When I first listened to Transformer Man (from Trans) I nearly crapped my pants. Of course not all his albums are like that in the 80's, but at least he's not afraid to try new styles. I also don't really see the point of his archives series, asides from the live albums that he is releasing with it and the huge boxset thing, the rest are just remastered albums. However I am thinking of saving up for the Vol. 1 boxset, it just seems interesting and I need more Neil on CD.
  8. I haven't actually really listened to more of his recent output. Listened to some of Le Noise, and I think it's pretty damn good. Creative too.
  9. Wow. In the past month I've really gotten into his albums, especially most of his 70's stuff. It's an incredible journey to listen to Nei'ls albums, like I only had Harvest and Everybody knows This is Nowhere before this month. I'm so glad I discovered "Neil Young", "On the Beach", "Tonight's the Night" and the Rust albums. They're brilliant! Everything Neil does (yes even his weird 80's stuff) is great. It may be leaning on someone elses style but you can ALWAYS tell it's Neil. Anyoen else here like On the Beach as much as I do? I think it deserves more recognition than Harvest, Harvest is good but On the Beach is fantastic. That's just my opinion. The whole second side of the album is so mellow, ultimate music to just sit back and think to.
  10. Hey cool, I found the Canadian part of the forums! Happy Thanksgiving to all your fellow Canadians!
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4Py43sUJ7Q I love how you can hear Robbie mutter random crap through some of the song. xD I like Danko's bass too, it sounds (and looks) really awesome when he plays. EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8psjQDqDsE&feature=related Raw emotion!
  12. I have read about The Basement tapes, I'm probably gonna acquire it soon. Sounds really great. I like how they all switch instruments, Manuels drumming style is pretty cool imo. Oh my, at 2:00 or so and for about 20 seconds. The groove! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezB4jDcLFsE
  13. That's a pretty good song, a ncie tribute. I heard the song name before, just never listened to it. Been listening to Rock of Ages a lot lately, all the songs are in top form, except for the songs Dylan sings on (on the 2 CD ones with bonus tracks). His singing makes me cringe to be honest in the songs. But the horn sections add a really nice flavour to their songs.
  14. Yeah, I have The Last Waltz. fantastic movie! Though Robertson's usage of pinch harmonics gets a bit on my nerves after a while So far I have, their first 3 albums and Rock of Age and the LAst Waltz DVD. Oh and their set at woodstock. Great stuff! I really love Richard Manuel. Great singer.
  15. Hey all Any fans of the Band here? I've become recently obsessed with them, the only other band I've liked so much is Led Zeppelin. To be honest, I might even like The Band more than LZ atm Before I prattle on, sorry if there is already a thread for the Band, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to search up "The Band" on a forum like this Anywho. I had heard of them before. Never listened to their music though. Then sometime in May or June this year my Dad asked me to make him a mix CD. One of the songs on it were "The Weight". So when I went to go get it, I took a listen and I was blown away. It was great! Then came Cripple Creek, and now I can't get enough of them! Their sound just blows me away, it's so laidback! My favourite song has to be The Weight, they're probably most well known song, but doesn't change the fact it's bloody fantastic. King Harvest is a close tie though. They are all very talented! Anyone else here like The Band? Let's have a discussion. -ST
  16. Well for my top five favourite bands: 1) Led Zeppelin 2) The Band () 3)The Ramones 4) Crosby Stills Nash (and Young) 5) The Beatles
  17. Led Zeppelin I: Your Time Is Gonna Come Led Zeppelin II: Moby Dick Led Zeppelin III: Immigrant Song (live is so much better) Led Zeppelin IV: Can't say, I like em all HOTH: D'yer Maker PG: Kashmir Presence: Hots on For Nowhere ITTOD: Fool in the Rain
  18. TNWT having 6 satanic seagulls chasing you around school for your sandwich, happened today. I was honestly quite scared.
  19. When 14 year olds that have no mental disabilities at all (as proved by a doctor) act like they are 5 years old, except more immature.. There's a kid like that I have to hang out with (family friend) and he does just that. I could explain him for hours, but no point really.
  20. Well I already chatted with him, and hwy do I have to be over 18? I'm 14? lol
  21. So Mr. Cole added me on Facebook, I'm not sure what to do now! Will he answer my question?
  22. Train Kept a Rollin - The Yardbirds Somethin' Else - Led Zeppelin
  23. My favourite live songs are: (no specific date) No Quarter SIBLY Thank You Immigrant Song That's The Way Going to California Dazed and confused Killing Floor As Long as I have you Least Favourite: Battle of Evermore, one of my favourite studio songs, but at least Jonseys singing cracks me up Sick Again doesn't really have the same essence as studio I agree about Train Kept A Rollin'..all the versions I have heard are basically "I met a dame, she was a dame, I likea dame, she was a real gone dame!", or soemthing.
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