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  1. That's cool, but what's really weird, is that as I was reading this, "Moby Dick" by LZ came up on my iTunes shuffle...
  2. 25 years ago, we lost Richard Manuel, my true musical hero. Rest in peace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBn1_Mq8h0c
  3. In the US it was the sountrack for Pocahontas ( ) and in the UK it was Bon Jovi - These Days. In my home of Canada it was HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I by MJ. Meh.
  4. Thanks for the info on jerry Lee Lewis guys! I listened to some other tracks on YT, and now am on the hunt for Hamburg! And yes, I had heard about the "Last Man Standing" album when I was looking at Page's wiki article As for me when it comes to heavy music, I'd honestly have to think about it lol..does emotionally heavy count? if it does I think "Box of Rain" by Grateful Dead is a really heavy song to me.
  5. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 5, 2011, 429 Records will release How To Become Clairvoyant, Robbie Robertson's fifth solo album and his first record in more than 10 years. Guitar virtuosos Eric Clapton (who co-wrote three tracks with Robertson), Tom Morello and Robert Randolph guest on the album, which Robertson co-produced with Marius de Vries. How To Become Clairvoyant also features Steve Winwood and Trent Reznor as well as vocalists Angela McCluskey, Rocco Deluca, Dana Glover and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. Bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Ian Thomas lay down the groove
  6. That Jerry Lewis song is...wow. I never listened to any of his stuff before, but that is just incredible. Must get the album...
  7. Great songs, all of them! That version of Down by the River is actually what introduced me to Neil Young and CSN. I remember catching a glimpse a few years back of the last 5 minutes of some CSNY documentary, and I asked Dad if any of them were good. He said they were great and to go on "YouTube or whatever the hell that thing is" and search the name. I stumbled across this, which made me want to find the studio version of Down by the River and more from CSN. So, yay! I never heard that song before, Bong-Man...what album is it from? (assuming it's a Stills solo record) I always tho
  8. Hello ladies and gentleman! So I was surprised in that I could not find a topic on CSN(Y) ! I absoultely love these guys, the harmonies are so chillingly beautiful, and each member is great in their own way. Anyone else enjoy these guys? So far I've only listened to their more famous period (60's early 70's) and some of their solo stuff (well all of Neil Youngs, and the rests debut solo albums) Favourite song(s) by them: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes You Don't Have to Cry Carry On Helplessly Hoping Guinnevere and I could go on and on -ST
  9. I'll leave out Led Zeppelin and some of the more obvious ones for the sake everyone else has put em FAVES: King Harvest - The Band (it's subtle and it reallly goes with the song, Robbie Robertson's playing is really great to me in studio, it was never "IN YOUR FACE" like other artists, it just went along) Kingdom Come - The Band (again, J.R.R.!) It Makes No Difference - The Band (ok I'll stop) Turn on your Lovelight - Grateful Dead (live) Anything else live by Grateful Dead usually guarantees some great solos. Down by the River - Neil Young Soul Sacrafice - Santana
  10. Grateful Dead and (for a while now) The Band are current obsessions. I really love the Dead, but oddly enough I never really listened to them until 2 days ago, and WOW. I as blown away.
  11. Aw, HMW is the only place I really go for CD's, and even so their selection isn't the ebst so I end up just ordering them online if I want a physical CD. There is a certain charm in having a physical thing with all the liner notes and pictures and what not, have to admit! I read somewhere recently (forget where) that some big name Canadian artists are tryign to get some bill to pass that would give them profits or something from downloaded music. My memory is too vague lol, if anyone else has heard it please fill in the blanks lol
  12. Yeah it's nice up here From wikipedia (which was taken from an article that was in french) “Downloading music for personal use, or non-profit use is no longer targeted, and is legal.” Noël St-Hilaire, head of copyright theft investigations of the RCMP, said in an interview with Le Devoir. So, yay..
  13. Yeah I heard about that album, seems good! Anyone watching The Last Waltz tonight?
  14. Yep, I saw the Calassic Albums thingy on The Band album. Levons accent is awesome.
  15. I heard of the book yeah, never really read any musicians books before in my life tbh lol I might check it out @Jahfin; glad to see Levon is still in top form
  16. This thread made my day start off on a good foot.
  17. Oh dear! I hope old Black is all good
  18. I praise him a lot for trying a lot of different styles. It's great and fresh, instead of sticking it safe he always did what he really wanted to do. I was just saying that when I first heard Trans it scared me cause I was only used to be his early 70's stuff at that point Also just to clarify, by scary I mean genuinely frightening, not like "bad" scary. It honestly frightened me, the wailing vocals and what not. Plus there is a nice story behind his use of the vocoder, I read because his son understood him better when he talked through it (since he had cereberal palsy), so you could say t
  19. I agree, upon listening to a lot of his stuff, after the 70's (and even in the the 70's) most of his albums tend to have one or two really great songs (there are exceptions of course), and the others seem to sound like every other generic country/piano/harmonica song he's written His 80's output is scary imo. When I first listened to Transformer Man (from Trans) I nearly crapped my pants. Of course not all his albums are like that in the 80's, but at least he's not afraid to try new styles. I also don't really see the point of his archives series, asides from the live albums that he is
  20. I haven't actually really listened to more of his recent output. Listened to some of Le Noise, and I think it's pretty damn good. Creative too.
  21. Wow. In the past month I've really gotten into his albums, especially most of his 70's stuff. It's an incredible journey to listen to Nei'ls albums, like I only had Harvest and Everybody knows This is Nowhere before this month. I'm so glad I discovered "Neil Young", "On the Beach", "Tonight's the Night" and the Rust albums. They're brilliant! Everything Neil does (yes even his weird 80's stuff) is great. It may be leaning on someone elses style but you can ALWAYS tell it's Neil. Anyoen else here like On the Beach as much as I do? I think it deserves more recognition than Harvest, Harv
  22. Maybe I can stop by at Ross' house later for a cup of ego.
  23. I don't see the resemblance to the guitar at all, lol. But hey, cool anyway.
  24. What a great show! watched it on TV! Jimmy's performance was excellent, looking forward to his new album, sounds like it will really be good. I hope more of these concerts will be staged in the future!
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