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  1. So who else with top billing on the poster didn't play? dont think many of us expected page to play he's used that card too many times now it's a yearly event like Christmas this years message will be ..... I've been practicing and going in a new direction with new music and new band and will tour this year 2008-no 2009-no 2010- no 2011- no 2012-no do you see a pattern emerging?
  2. Think that tells you everything in the press release about future events on a show with top musicians and won't be performing would have been nice to see him teaming up with jack White again
  3. Another Zeppelin release that I will be avoiding as there is nothing that has not been heard before and is readily available if you know where to look ok it will have been remastered etc and have some nice photos and sleeve notes but after the personal disappointment of most of the extras that were put on the last set of reissued albums I will pass on the BBC if only Jimmy would put half the effort into sorting the tour and new music that he's promised since the O2 shows....... rant over.....puts on tin hat !
  4. Bloody hell I took the photos above what a great night it was ,only went because down to London because we knew page was turning up for the encore after chatting to RK a few days previously spent most of the night chatting to John coglan who was stood next to us
  5. Is this the yearly I'm going to tour next year announcement? well here's one who won't be holding my breath this year for Jimmy page concert dates
  6. yes I've waited and once again nothing happened....hold mo jimmys just said new band for 2016! Once again won't hold my breath for a tour
  7. Mrs Merton ...... And what first attracted you to the multi millionaire jimmy page
  8. A book stamping ?? sounds like something my 7 year old could be good at. Jimmy Page will you please just PICK A BLOODY GUITAR UP!! AND PLAY
  9. Thought it boring till a great version of fixin to die
  10. Reheasal dvd Watched it a few times and really enjoyed it Don't know if anyone else has seen the Led zeppelin it'll be alright on the night moment?? Watch plant on rock and roll about 2 mins into the song walks backwards and falls on his arse!
  11. Like mentioned in another forum the new Jimmy Page album title could be "the boy who cried wolf"
  12. as a zeppelin fan for more years than i care to remember.it was great to see jimmy setting up his own website i personally thought that it would be the start of jimmy returning to what he does best...playing guitar and along with interviews he gave it looked like we would see him again on stage very soon but alas it seems to be a site where hes cashing in on his name,in a very big way! i personally think he should have a poll on his website...if it is his, to ask a simple question to the millions of followers who log in daily what would you like to see happen A.buy over priced old recordings B.buy very over priced and not rare pics for over £7000 C get up off my arse and tour once more which ever gets the highest percentage do right sorry if some of you are offended but i feel better now thats off my chest!
  13. a full earls court show remastered with some 77 footage and both knebworth shows that would be good for starters,would keep me happy! before work starts on a 02 box set
  14. kashmein


    Having seen zeppelin a few times before the knebworth shows,i personally didnt think they played aswell as when i saw them at earls court,but saying that both knebworth shows they played would have put any band to shame,zeppelin had such high standards for live shows nobody could touch them,a few missed notes etc but what the hell it proves they are human. we will never see the likes of them again
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