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  1. To clarify your point, Stairway to Heaven is complete, but the soundboard source only has about 6 songs on it. Still a must have though for the quality of the performances.
  2. That's a quote that holds true in my experience, as mentioned before. Their music is great and the visuals captivating and imaginative, but the band members don't have stage presence. And that's ok. But it's true, they just play their music, which was great. I've gone to plenty of concerts where the musicians were so absorbed in their music and had NO light show/effects and those concerts were great too, for the music. And that's the bottom line for me. Other effects are just superfluous and not necessary to "support" the music.
  3. In the spirit of BigStickBonzo's "caaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr bombs away" drink, Since green is the color of the day, and inebriation is the condition sought, I have an offering "Let's Roll !!!"
  4. Gomper

    Pet Peeves

    I don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day because I like to get pinched. It happened several times today. Of course I only let the pretty ones near me.
  5. Hooverphonic - A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular No, they aren't playing vacuum cleaners.
  6. That's absolutely right. Their music was good in concert and their props, lights and effects but the band themselves were stoic and weren't much for watching. I don't think they had the props to hide that, but they had the props expressedly FOR the visual entertainment. They realized people wanted the psychedelic trippy effects as they stood there and played their instruments. And yes, I did see Pink Floyd so I'm talking from that experience.
  7. Gomper


    I loved it when Dan Aykroyd hosted Bad Theater on Saturday Night Live back in the 70's. That was my favorite theater. And when that atrocious violin player would come up to a couple at those fancy restaurants and play horribly for them. And now for your musical entertainment pleasure. NOT !
  8. To me, the very best version of Stairway as well on that Toronto '71 soundboard.
  9. Among the first riff's I ever learned on guitar was the Endless Summer theme. Mellow and beautiful, not raucous like alot of the surfrockus.
  10. I saw this cd a couple of weeks ago and didn't buy it, now I will. Unsung to say the least. This Band Was Punk Before Punk Was Punk Death in its prime: from left, the Hackney brothers, David, Bobby and Dannis. The band’s 1974 demo tape was released last month as “... For the Whole World to See.” By: MIKE RUBIN Published: March 12, 2009 Winooski, Vt. ON an evening in late February at a club here called the Monkey House, there was a family reunion of sorts. As the band Rough Francis roared through a set of anthemic punk rock, Bobby Hackney leaned against the bar and bea
  11. A band that's probably not regarded as Surf Music but I think they are in a way. The B52's. Their first and second album when guitarist Ricky Wilson was still alive especially. Rock Lobster, Planet Claire, Lava, Party out of Bounds, 53 miles west of Venus. All great surfy type songs. Ricky had the guitar chinky surf rock sound.
  12. Hotel Yorba - The White Stripes From some live show about 5 years ago.
  13. I agree. That whole album is very good. Monkberry Moon Delight, Admiral Halsey and Smile Away are my favorites. I also like his first solo album simply named "McCartney", "Band on the Run" and the live Wings album from the mid 1970's. And this one is one of his better ones too. He does a combination of solo and Beatle songs on it.
  14. You're right, NOT remotely hippie, HAIR Hair 40th Anniv. Original Cast The Rain, The Park and other Things Flower girl (stretching it) The Cowsills on the Joan Rivers show (around 1990). They remotely look like hippies, at least John does. Jackson Pollock paintings, Not remotely similar to Sutcliff either, he uses mainly stringy abstraction, occasional blocktype, Not Remotely though, no comparison, not even in the ballpark. Then I might get an incidental apology. The post she made about hippie mispelling quoted me, so could've
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