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  1. I have never heard of Robbie Williams either. This must mean I'm just too old and out of touch. I'm even old enough to remember Andy Williams!
  2. Happy 65th Percy! It's a Celebration Day as today is my 57th as well....
  3. Ninety percent of all the music released in the past thirty years has been, arguably, unworthy of an official commercial release. As to tomorrows presumed annoucement, as others have said, we will have to wait and see. I know it's been a long time, but I, for one, don't count Mr. Page out just yet.
  4. I turned 56 on 8/20/12, the same day RAP turned 64. I was fortunate enough to see the mighty Zep in '73, '75 and '77.
  5. You have missed out on what I consider to be the best pure hard rock recording released in the past twenty years! As to the discussion, Page is a very accomplished harp player and a credible vocalist.
  6. I think Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Jason Bonham and Deborah Bonham could make for a very interesting recording. She sings very soulfully and also has a very powerful voice. Plus, Jason could do backing vocals.
  7. Fantastic!, thanks SuperDave. I was at this show!! God, seems just like yesterday. I've never saw any footage of this. Micheal Lee was incredible on this as well. Hard to believe he's no longer with us. As to parts of Achilles popping up in Dazed and Confused from TSRTS, the movement that ends up being the bridge part in Achilles is played while Robert is singing the San Francisco bit. Also, if you listen very closely you can hear the riff that later became the main riff in NFBM. A lot of Page's best songs ideas just kind of popped up when they were creating on the spot. Bonham and JPJ were just so talented and this allowed Page the freedom to basically try anything he wanted to within a given framework. To me, this is really what set Zeppelin apart from most other live bands. Sorry if I've strayed off topic.
  8. What I would really like to see happen is for the three of them plus Jason to get into a studio and record. For me they don't have to tour in support of this at all. Even if it was only a three song EP or something along those lines. This would get Jimmy back into the studio to work his magic, as only he can, without putting the others in a position that conflicts with any other projects or obligations they might have. Jimmy isn't getting any younger for sure, and it would be a real tragedy if he passes away with musical gems inside that are never to be heard.
  9. I totally agree about Rush, but what about Steppenwolf or Grand Funk or The Guess Who? The beastie boys, you have got to be kidding me. They don't deserve to be in the freaking parking lot of the RRHOF!
  10. Fantastic, I was at that concert. Other posters are correct as Kashmir was the highlight on the '77 tour. I'm 53 now I was only 19 then, but I will never forget that day. The local rock station, that doesn't exist now, put together a package including Greyhound bus ride there and back plus the concert ticket for only $30.00. We got on the bus at the radio stations parking lot at about 2:00 PM. It was about a 3 hour drive to the Omni in Atlanta and as soon as we got on the interstate the driver pulled into a rest area. Everyone was wondering what was up, then the driver got on the bus intercom and said "you can do anything you want as long as you don't tear up this bus". We were all shocked, but as soon as we got rolling down the interstate, it was on let me tell you. There were doobies making the rounds all though that bus for the rest of the trip. Talk about being stoned, everytime we got near an overpass everyone would say in unison "has anybody seen that bridge, where's that confounded bridge". God the memories. I believe if I could relive any one day of my life, it would be that day in April, 1977.
  11. Happy Birthday to you Little Robert Anthony on this special day as it's my birthday as well!
  12. Your idea of musical energy must be vastly different than mine. Walking Into Clarksdale would have sounded MUCH better if Jimmy Page had produced it. What has Albini ever produced the comes anywhere near having the amount of energy of LZI or LZII?!
  13. I too have always sensed an affinity between ITTOD and HOTH. In fact, and I know I'm going against the grain here, these are my two favorite Zeppelin albums. In the Evening and I'm Gonna Crawl are still awesome and I think Southbound Saurez is one of the best cruising songs ever. It really is hard to believe that it's been 32 years since ITTOD was released. The first time I heard these songs they emanated from the speakers of my 1978 Camaro Z/28 when the then local rock station first played the record. Riding around burning one listening to brand new Zep, those were the days my friends. God, I was only 20 years old. Where did the time go. What's even much harder to believe is that I still have the 1978 Z/28. Now I take my grandkids cruising in it on the weekends.
  14. Why would Jimmy Page want to lower his standards and emulate the grunge/alt crap. This is such a joke that I can hardly contain my laughter. I hate grunge, I don't listen to it. You hate C/P don't listen to it, simple really. If Page called Coverdale and they put out another ass kicking HARD ROCK album, it would only be a short while before Plant would be contacting Page wanting to work with him. Just like the last time, you know it's true.
  15. Very insightful interview SteveAJones. Thanks for posting this.
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