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  1. have you ever heard Billy Fury? what's it like? can i find some songs?
  2. does anybody remember that cool incense that was sold at the manic nirvana tour. that was the same tour that had those super-cool t-shirts, lol, does anybody know what i'm talking about. i make incense, and i remember being impressed by the Essence of Bliss, and also trying to figure out the recipe. i had 2 boxes but it's all gone now. i would pay top dollar if more of the stuff was laying around somewhere.
  3. uhh...erm, ok...wow!

    U/R an amazing person.

  4. y'know you're a zep-freak when... ...you've actually listened to stairway to heaven backwards. ...you're pretty sure y'know what the symbols mean. (lol) okay, now you think up some.
  5. Am I the only person here who loves Tori Amos? i searched thru 20 pages of "Other Bands" and nobody has mentioned her.
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