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  1. Bring It On Home Led Zeppelin II is complete.... On to Zeppelin 3
  2. I thought this was going to be a thread about Tara Reid.
  3. Moby Dick Bring It On Home is coming soon, then Led Zeppelin III. Of all the Zepp albums, Zepp 3 is probably the one that I've listened to the least (I know! I know! It's actually a GREAT album!) so I may need to sit down and have a listen for I continue...Songs like Hats Off to Harper are going to make for a challenging review. Thanks for reading!
  4. Dang - I gotta keep going, don't I? Which one am I on...Moby Dick? It's a long weekend so maybe I can knock out the rest of Led Zepp 2...
  5. One of my favorites so far... Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)
  6. Illegal to own or illegal to sell. Better tell good old Zepp to get all those videos off youtube because that's where I got 'em!
  7. Oh yeah, Immigrant Song is actually on Dics 1 right after The Ocean - I left it out accidentally. You Shook Me is not there though. You can debate including things like Most High while excluding other Zepp originals but it's ultimately a group of my personal favorites.
  8. I've always had a problem with the 2 Led Zeppelin CD box sets. The first one has most of the hits but there are song on box set #1 that I don't think belong there (Poor Tom) while there are great songs that aren't there at all (Good Times Bad Times). So (since my first name is Mark) I have created my own 4-disc box set that encapsulates the band's entire legacy with a selection and running order that is new and different. I present to you, the Mark Zeppelin Box Set: Disc 1 (Famous Zeppelin Rockers) What is and What Should Never Be Over the Hills and Far Away Traveling Riverside Blu
  9. Yep. No need to do anything. Don't be George Lucas, just celebrate the legacy.
  10. Led Zeppelin II... Whole Lotta Love What is and What Should Never Be The Lemon Song More to come...
  11. Heh. I never noticed this but now that you put it all together, yeah, it does appear quite often.
  12. Yep - my wife and I both secretly love this one - very underrated.
  13. Thanks! Led Zeppelin II is in the works. I will post it all at once later this week. I love this stuff, man!
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