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    Boring Tulsa OK.
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    Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Monkees, Hendrix, Bowie, Alice Cooper, Joplin, and some other assorted bands I can't think of..<br /><br />Making clothes, embroidery, cross stich, cooking, bass, singing,<br />drawing, fashion design, writing, and skinning models.<br />Yet again, more stuff I like doing that I can't think of...
  1. My dad and I were jamming..I was on bass he was on guitar...He shows me Rock and Roll, and at that moment...as I played it, I fell in love, sang the screaming vocal and wailed away... Then to my dad's despair, I fell in love with the Battle Of Evermore...And annoyed the living heck out of him! Then Going to California... And on to other albums... Now I am one of you!
  2. You're welcome Implanted! Sorry I haven't got any more done..Been working...
  3. De-rooted? Like a "Plant"...being removed?...Ha ha? ....Don't worry, I'm not quiting my day job either...
  4. I had to promise never to speak of Zeppelin or Robert Plant, a friend of mine is so sick of me and my obsessions! You know you're a Zeppelin freak when you read J.r.r Tolkien's books just to find the similarities in writing and lyrics! >_<
  5. No, Thank you! I like to help, and do my thing for all Zeppelin kind!
  6. Thanks Aen! I shall do that! And next I shall do the Jimmy ones!! I made these a week ago and forgot about them! Blue: Green:
  7. I'm a Robette...But this is stunning! Great find!!! *saves* Do you think there is a chance of conversion?...I dunno..If these kind of things keep showing up..
  8. They are all made in the Gimp, I'm still leaning! Old Robert it is! I don't have many pics, But this is what I gathered! I made 4 color versions. Original: Darker for the eyes: Red: Brown old photo: Hope ya like em. As for me, I need to find more new old Plant pics, so I can try again.
  9. Oh! Thank you I've been dying to make some Jimmy ones! I'll put em there!
  10. Auug! I do that too!! Mom and I are going out shopping on Sunday..And those were my plans! I already got a retro "button up" shirt with pearl looking snaps at a thrift shop.. 1. I want a scarf.. 2. I want to get some material to sew that lovely blue Robert shirt... 3. I wanna make a pair of jeans and put a Robert plant symbol patch on the back pocket! O_O
  11. I'm so happy they did! That makes my day that you like them!! Thank you! I need some time to myself to make more, I come home too late from work.. LOL, I thought "Little Robert Anthony" was fitting, It sounds so cute! <3
  12. Really? Thank you! I'll make some more then! Any requests?
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