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  1. I'm a Robette...But this is stunning! Great find!!! *saves* Do you think there is a chance of conversion?...I dunno..If these kind of things keep showing up..
  2. I'm so sorry, My mistake, Robert's Plant! I'm naive.. Please forgive my misunderstanding! I'll have to look that up, for I had no idea who that is.. Thank you for that Glicine.
  3. It's funny...There is something about All My Love's lyrics that are beautiful.. I'm still pondering why..
  4. I'm tied between No Quarter and Song Remains The Same... Oh what to vote.. Both are so good.. *Shrugs and hit's Song Remains the Same*
  5. That's it!! THE PIC I'VE BEEN NEEDING! I'm making a multi portrait..And I needed one for the top left corner! Thank you thank you! I've been searching for hours.. Nothing looked just right.. *Sigh of relief*
  6. Thanks Sugarplum for your comments! They have encouraged me! I'm going to try a face today...Gonna draw it on paper first.. I found one that I did a while ago..made it while I was bored one day.. Some of you may know Veggietales, it is our family's favorite kid's show.. I thought they needed Zeppelin. I also like to embroider! I made two bracelets last year. {Edit} I'm so sorry Diana! I didn't see you the first time! Mum and dad told me I should, But I think there'd be some copyright issues! Besides, they are made out of scraps I have, and not really THAT nice! Who'd pay for paper beads, black electrical tape and cardboard adorned dolls! lol! It's mostly something I do to keep myself busy! Though it pleases me to no end that you guys like em! Which gives me an idea! Would any of you be interested in making one? If so, I could post the patterns! Can make em your own style! Alter the patterns a bit! They make darn cute desk decor! And with all you people's skills, They'd come out even more realistic!
  7. CONTINUED: I have a project going.. It's not a drawing really..but, I'm making dolls..Working on the whole band.. They are not complete yet, a big WIP Jimmy Page: And I just completed the clothes for.. Robert Plant: I still need to draw a face.. Though i'm kinda nervous to..
  8. Hello! I'm new here, So this is my first post! I've been coming Led Zeppelin. com for a long time for picture references. And when I saw they had a forum today, I decided I'd take a look. I am really excited to see alot of people just like me, With a passion to draw Zeppelin! Though I must admit, I'm a tad shy.. You guys are so good! I drew these at the end of last year. I have more, but I'm not allowed many images.
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