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  1. Sorry :-D It seems that I confounded you with Delinha (she's the one with the paintings)

  2. Happy Birthday! And good luck on the painting career!

  3. You should check this. They are called The Brew and this is an amazing version of Moby Dick! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EFYAUBpYtM
  4. This is what I found, but there are not many details. http://bradelterman.tumblr.com/post/363927360/rock-god-jimmy-page-a-post-concert-party-for-the
  5. Erm, no... but I got that one without the watermark.
  6. Oh, I see... Anyway, thanks a lot!
  7. It was Kashmir, live at Knebworth. I searched for their videos on youtube (I wasn't a fan then) and Kashmir was the first I watched. Fell in love instantly!!
  8. I found that one a couple of days ago. It's not as big as yours but at least there isn't a watermark
  9. I'm 22 and like most of us here born in the wrong decade
  10. SIBLY definitely. It's actually my second favourite LZ song. Second favourite blues tune was hard to decide but I chose Tea For One. I listen to it a lot lately.
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