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  1. Achilles Last Stand- Knebworth '79. Always enchanted by this performance. www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWOuzYvksRw
  2. Promised Land- Fate of Nations. I can feel "When the Levee Breaks" nostalgia in its tune.
  3. I like the Earl's Court '75 one. It is so wild and fresh.
  4. Three different eras! 70's 80's 90's
  5. Coda.S

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I love this photo so much!
  6. I just finished the Summer course and preparing for the fall! :) Trying to enjoy the last days of vacation :D

    Yes studying a lot these days.. i am going to graduate soon :D

  7. All good! :) I miss being here :(

    What have you been up to lately?

  8. Wanted to say hi!! I miss talking to you! :)

  9. Hey! how r u??

    Haven't been logging in here for a quite long time!! :(

    Hope everything is alright with you! :)

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