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  1. It shouldn't surprise me that none of the Coverdale/Page live shows were listed, but Jimmy was on fire on those dates. Any of the seven shows and you will catch Jimmy totally on it!
  2. To each his own, I guess, but if you can't realize that David Coverdale has a great voice, then I don't know what's wrong with you. I think it sounds great and a lot of other people share my opinion.
  3. For those interested, here's Coverdale/Page live in Japan doing Kashmir. David really did a great job on all the Zeppelin covers, much better than Plant trying to sing Shake My Tree. I've heard countless versions of Plant trying to sing that, and he comes off as being totally unable to, maybe he didn't like singing a song co-written by David Coverdale, but this was also a Jimmy Page song and deserved much more respect than Plant gave it.
  4. You amaze me. Plant takes lyrics from a song that was never copyrighted and you see no problem in that. And please, go get your original LP's and check the songwriting credits, you'll see that When The Levee Breaks doesn't list anybody but the members of Zeppelin as having written it.
  5. So why don't you show me where I bashed Zeppelin... you can't because I didn't. I stated a fact that most people know already, and that is that Plant took lyrics from other songwriters and claimed to have written them himself. So you and the rest of the guardians here can chill the f*ck out, I never bashed Zeppelin. Jesus Christ...
  6. I hate to be the one to bring you into reality, but on the original Zeppelin albums the songs were credited to Page and Plant, or as In My Time Of Dying, it was credited to all four members. So how is that getting permission and not stealing? You might want to read up on it... and here you go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_My_Time_of_Dying
  7. No, Plant wasn't given permission, because on the original albums those songs were credited to Plant as a songwriter and that's called stealing. Royalties may have been paid... years later... but Plant was definitely not given permission!
  8. Well, Coverdale's lyrics were good enough for Jimmy and he gets to the point in his songs. He doesn't sing so you can't understand what he's singing and he's got an extremely powerful voice, something Plant once had, but now Plant's band has to tune way down to accompany his vocal range. Robert probably wishes he had Coverdale's power.
  9. I am amazed at Zeppelin fans and their total disregard for this album. There have been a few in this thread who have complimented it, but too few and too far between. Why? I'll tell you why... because of Robert Plant and his comments in 1988. If Plant had come out and said he liked Whitesnake and was a friend of David, you would all love the album. But Plant, being co classless to say the things he did, really made it difficult for Coverdale/Page to get any appreciation with his continual attacks in 1993. A lot you say you don't like David's lyrics... okay, fine. David has always said he's a meat and potatoes, nuts and bolts lyricist. One thing he's never done though is rip off blues musicians and claim to have written something that he didn't. Plant didn't just do it on the first two albums either, he did it on IV... When The Levee Breaks. Physical Graffiti on In My Time Of Dying and on Presence on Nobody's Fault But Mine. So if he's such a good songwriter, why the need to rip people off??? Another question... two of Plant's best songs lyrically in my opinion, are Achilles Last Stand and Carouselambra... and most of you don't even know what Carouselambra is even about... but why write such great lyrics and then sing them so they can't be understood on the album? It took me years to finally figure what he's singing in those two songs, but I just don't get the reason behind his studio performance and how he could sing them in such a way that nobody knew what the heck he was singing. I'm sure there are videos on You Tube now that have the lyrics to these songs on the screen, but back in the 70's, there was no You Tube. One last thing, a lot of you have been wondering about the three recorded Coverdale/Page songs that didn't make it on the album. I have two of them, and made a video for Southern Comfort. It will be below. Jimmy made friends with David quickly and to this day, they remain friends. It's such a shame that most Zeppelin fans are so closed minded on the C/P album.
  10. For those that don't know the whole story, and based off what I've read, not many do, Coverdale was in debt to his record company. He owed them over $300,000 dollars and set out to make 1987 a huge success. He knew they had the songs, with much of the thanks being owed to John Sykes, who was a great guitarist and worked really well with David. But, after being sacked, when Adrian Vandenberg joined, the violin bow was all his idea. I have a Coverdale/Page interview on tape where David discusses this and Page, ever so cool, said it didn't upset him, it just made him laugh. David said... 'What was I going to do? Tell him no?' When talking about Vandenberg's idea to use a bow in the video. I'm one of those that is a big fan of David's. His time with Jimmy was the best for Jimmy post Zeppelin by a long shot! The fact that so many Zeppelin fans hate David is a direct result of all the slamming of him that Robert did in the 80's. It's so funny too... Plant accusing someone of ripping him off, when so many of his so-called lyrics come straight out of blues songs recorded years before Zeppelin. All I can say to those that don't like David is you have no idea what you're missing! He's a very talented singer and has produced some incredible music over the years! Oh, and as a guitarist, I can tell you that the riff in Still Of The Night is nothing like Immigrant Song. Immigrant Song is so easy to play, while Still Of The Night takes much more dexterity and skill. The riff is much more difficult to play. The only thing similar to the tracks is that both are in F#. But the riffs are not even close to being the same.
  11. Excellent post, Mr. White. It's plain and simple that some people get David and some don't. For those that don't, it's their loss, because the man has provided us with an amazing catalog of music over the years, from "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City," which is a cover that David actually credited those who wrote it and didn't claim that he wrote it, like some people have been known to do. Other songs like "Time And Again," "Northwinds," "Blindman," "Time On My Side," "River Song," "Love Is Blind" as well as the songs he's most known for and the album with Jimmy, show that he brings an excellent ability to sing and since his time with Jimmy is the most documented about his creativity... the man inspired the heck out of Jimmy and to this day they remain friends. This is a Zeppelin board and there are going to be folks who just won't give him any chance at all. Like I said... their loss.
  12. I agree with everyone saying how great Down By The Seaside is... always been one of my favorite songs. On my iTunes I have numerous Zeppelin play lists, including solo material from Jimmy and Robert as well as Page/Plant and Coverdale*Page. As Presence is my favorite album, I made a play list that I call Perfection. Now most of you won't like this, and that's fine, it's MY personal choice, but here's the play list in order of songs: Achilles Last Stand For Your Life In The Light Bron-Y-Aur Down By The Seaside Ten Years Gone Nobody's Fault But Mine Candy Store Rock Hots On For Nowhere Tea For One I could have added others, such as Immigrant Song and Going To California, but decided to just add side three of Physical Graffiti to Presence, minus Royal Orleans. If you have the chance to put those songs in that order on your iTunes or on a CD, I guarantee that you will be blown away!!!
  13. That's absolutely correct. Two artists merging together to form one... that's what it means, and like you, I do like the cover art. And inside the CD with the Merge Sign in various places... that represents their music reaching people all over the world.
  14. You'll have to forgive me, Steve, as it's been over 20 years and the memory may not be as sharp as I would like, but when the Coverdale/Page album was released, it was a HUGE hit. Pride & Joy was all over radio, soon to be followed by Shake My Tree, and that's when they should have toured. Begining in March - when the album was released - or, at the latest, April. Instead, because of Jimmy's manager, the tickets didn't go on sale until what... August or September? You know the music industry, particularly at that time with Grunge, people move on if they can't see a band. My point on them touring is if they would have done it like The Firm did... The Firm played shows in Europe before their album was even released, then they immediately hit the road here in the States when it was released... I know, because I saw the second U.S. show The Firm played, in Wichita, Kansas. Had David and Jimmy toured starting in March or April, I have no doubt that they could have played arenas and not suffered from a lack of ticket sales. Such a shame because Jimmy and David invested three years of their lives into this project {1991-93} and all they got for it was seven shows in Japan.
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