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  1. CD: All studio albums How The West Was Won Mothership Celebration Day Vinyl: Led Zeppelin I, II, III, IV Physical Graffiti Presence (my dads original) The Song Remains The Same (personally signed by Jimmy Page) Lucifer Rising DVD: Led Zeppelin DVD The Song Remains The Same (2007) Celebration Day Shirts: Classic 1977 tour Knebworth replica
  2. Good Times Bad Times Ramble On Black Dog For Your Life Since I've Been Loving You Dazed And Confused Whole Lotta Love Kashmir
  3. The tabs in the Celebration Day book, are they transcribed from the gig or just the tabs of the regular studio versions?
  4. pretty short and brief interview. Spoke about Jason being a phenomenal drummer and Jools pushes the big taboo question ",,,will it happen again?". Jimmy brings out his usual answer of it being " 5 years since the O2, it hasn't happened in that time, its no longer looking very likely" 10-25 second clip of Kashmir. One good look at the Celebration Day box CD. Big weighty card box with deluxe sized (How the west was won size) cd fold out
  5. I dont regard Coda as an album at all. It is merely a collection of bits and pieces thrown together to complete the 5 album Swan Song deal.
  6. Got an email from amazon advising me to cancel my order and swap it for their new PAL edition listing. I did that just to be sure.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a scarf like Jimmys? a La
  8. I really like Jimmys scarf, what material are they?
  9. I just got back from the London Premier, what a night. Guests included, Bob Harris, Serj from Kasabian, Julian Lennon and Harvey Goldsmith.
  10. Me and a friend from Uni are going to Vue Westfield (Shepherd's Bush). £10 each at student price
  11. I just bought student tickets to the Westfield Shepherds Bush showing. Jimmy's house is only 4 mins away. I wonder......!
  12. I really hope there will be screenings at Hammersmith Apollo
  13. The down-tuned version of Good Times Bad Times in the video, definitely the O2. Oh this is like Christmas, Birthday, Easter and World War 3 combined.
  14. I believe this is Zeppelins first release in the global acceptance of social media, Mothership was largely promoted by means of traditional tried and tested methods of TV adverts and fucking huge billboards! To this day I can still remember driving on the Hammersmith flyover past the biggest Mothership advert on a billboard bigger than my house!
  15. I have a feeling this will be one of the fastest and best selling DVDs of all time
  16. Found on ebay, could be a fake, but it still looks pretty damn good
  17. Five - Today Four - Sunday Three - Monday Two - Tuesday One - Wednesday Thursday
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