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  1. CD: All studio albums How The West Was Won Mothership Celebration Day Vinyl: Led Zeppelin I, II, III, IV Physical Graffiti Presence (my dads original) The Song Remains The Same (personally signed by Jimmy Page) Lucifer Rising DVD: Led Zeppelin DVD The Song Remains The Same (2007) Celebration Day Shirts: Classic 1977 tour Knebworth replica
  2. Through the door today came my latest vinyl haulage from eBay. Led Zeppelin I Led Zeppelin II Led Zeppelin III x2 (Complete with rotating artwork) Led Zepppelin IV Physical Graffiti All for £21 inc p&p
  3. Mine has always been that wallpaper from the last version of the website when HTWWW & DVD came out
  4. The Ocean - How The West Was Won. Jimmy is very into his LZ bootlegs, that room full of records from It might get loud is mostly LZ boots!
  5. To be honest, I am disgusted by the way Ross has just praised Jimmy and slated Jason in the same blog entry.
  6. Update: From a gig 2 weeks ago. Me rocking the Them Crooked Vultures shirt from when I saw John Paul Jones and Co
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVjh-TXBBeI&feature=related here at 1:35 Can anybody help me work this out?
  8. From my common musical knowledge, I know that Embryo 1 is in Open G tuning (In My Time Of Dying, Travelling Riverside Blues) so he'll be using chords like Bb, C and D and possibly Em. Jimmy has said that they are "sketchs". In my mind, he will hark back to his blues heroes and use the idea in Embryo 1 and I really hope he develops Embryo 2. To me, its good as an instrumental, the musical statement he is making in that idea is so powerful!
  9. Hi all! Just watched IMGL on dvd. I love the Embryo No.2 demo, anybody worked it out yet? I know the that the bottom two strings are tuned to B and E, not sure about the rest. It is Chapter 12, about 1 hour and 8 mintues into the dvd.
  10. in HMV, things are either really cheap or really expensive. One week Led Zep II was £24! and the week after that it was £4. Pink Floyd's The Wall was £36, and this week it is £9. In that shop, you just have to cheap your eye on it and wait for it to go down. And in reponse to your question, yes there is, but it's fixed prices....sky high.
  11. I also spotted Page & Plant's No Quarter for £2, which now sits in my CD rack. Wasting My Time and Wanna Make Love are killer tracks!
  12. I bought Jimmy Page's only solo album to date yesterday at HMV for a cheap £6. I definatley do not think Rolling Stone was fair by giving it 2 stars, in my opinon, it deserves at least a 4. I was very drawn in by the riffs in the songs. My only criticism is that it sounds a little "demo" like, but it's still a good listen. What does everyone else make of it?
  13. I read an interview with Mick Wall about When Giants... and his answers were, "It's in the book". Personally, I choose not to read any Led Zep book until the band release one. Jimmy Page is in Mojo this month, and we all know about his new photoautobiography; but he also said about releasing a posthumous book, but I hope thats not for another 66 years
  14. Bron Yr Aur and Friends are C6 tuning. You can here the open A sounding, giving it that minor tonality. Poor Tom is Open C.
  15. Bron Yr Aur is not Open C tuning, Open C would be CGCGCE. There you have the root note, the 3rd and the perfect 5th. Bron Yr Aur is played in Open C6 which is CACGCE, here we have the root note, the 3rd, the perfect 5th and a major 6th. The song is in 4/4 time, so if you are having trouble finger picking, take it slow. Play the bass note with your thumb. E|------------------------| C|----------0-------------| G|-------0-----------0----| C|----0-----------0-------| A|-3----------------------| C|-------------0----------| p i m a p i m etc p - thumb i - index m - middle a - ring play through it slow and keep practising so that you build up stamina. Achilles
  16. Yeh, it all comes from improvs in the rehearsal room and then its polished up for a gig.
  17. If you listen to different WLL's over the years, you will see that the song evolves. Being in a band myself, you start to notice that some of our songs that have been open to improvisation naturally evolve over time. Whether this was a concious decision by the band or it just happened while rehearsing..i don't know.
  18. The reason why the bass was so low and the trebles were so high was because the Marshall 1959SLPs were a very dark sounding amp. Having the exact same settings on a different amp will give you different results.
  19. he used to use Ernie Ball Earthwood Lights. Tabs brilliant tabs on there.
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