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  1. Woke up on the sofa and commercial for condoms was on...though it was random
  2. Its not looking so hot for Zeppelin, but someone please stop My Chemical Romance
  3. The one that gets me the most is when people sing along to the radio and totally butcher the song, to this day I can't enjoy an Elton John song without thinking of my roomate trying to schreech out some lyrics. It's awful.
  4. Take something to make me poop? What would you for a million dollars?
  5. Definatly celebration day, the guitar playing on that song is awesome, of course with Jimmy Page when is it not?
  6. I love Misty Mountain Hop and its ten times better live!!!
  7. Hey man, I've been there...of course I don't know what your situation is but I can tell you that exercise is a good reliever of stress. Its just a suggestion, I'm not trying to be a health Nazi. Best of luck to you!
  8. Nowhere to Hide- Martha and the Vandella's...it's been in my head all day!!!!!!!
  9. I stand by my vote for In Through The Out Door, I mean the brown paper bag they issued it in was meant to shut up critics who said their stuff was getting too fancy, who else would pull something like that??!!??!! Plus any album cover featuring a man at a bar earns my respect haha
  10. Seriously agree, every time I hear a zeppelin song I cant help but laugh, especially cause some of them remind me of some great times. They have opened a whole other genre of music for me and, well, not gonna lie...I started smoking weed to enjoy it more!!!!
  11. Thanks!!!! I knew it was probably something simple but I'm glad that I got it working. Thanks again!!!!
  12. Hi!! I'm new to this forum but have been a big fan of zeppelin for a while. There is probably a very simple answer to this but I am kind of computer retarded so can anyone tell me how to get a profile picture to show up under your name for things that you post?
  13. Thats an excellent point, as for that pic above with the "legalize pot" sign does anyone know what happened to him cause that dude behind him has a sign that reads "Robert Plant must go free" as though he was arrested?>
  14. Yea so anyone up for a little puff puff pass??? After all, it is friday lol
  15. I definatly like that black dragon suit that he wore, where the jacket had the tassels on the corner. My favorite though is what he wore during some of the 77 tour but i'm not sure why he wore the Nazi hat? Does anyone know if there's a reason behind it?
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