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  1. That works too. Yet there's something otherworldly about the way he sings "tryin' to find, tryin' to find where I've beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen"...and then back to the home phrase. Grand slam! The home phrase instrumentally, is (strummed) D, Bb, D6, D7, (repeat)
  2. Tangerine by Jimmy Page "Measuring a summer's day, I only finds it slips away...to grey. The hours, they bring me pain..." [[o, jimmy,] "thou art more lovely and more temperate...(Shakespeare Sonnet #18)"]
  3. Oops! Edit to correct the Renbourn/McShee song. It's really called "Blackwaterside". Sorry.
  4. Hi, aen27! I love the song you mentioned---"She Moves Through The Fair"! The version I heard was from John Renbourn and Jacqui McShee (both of Pentangle). Loved it!!! The lyric re: walking through the park reminds me of...you know..."we'll go walking through the park, everyday...come what may..." Just the idea of walking through the park with a significant other brings me contentment!
  5. Those Were The Days - Mary Hopkins
  6. one after nine o nine (Jimmy Page birthday route)
  7. Hey, great lyrics, Roxie, you reminded me of another hip hop group called "Common Sense". They performed a song called "The Light". These lyrics reminded me of Jimmy because imo, ever since he became a veritable "silver fox", he has somewhat of a luminescence about him. Here are some of the lyrics: The Light by Common Sense ... I will be by your side, so, so... There's so much in a name and so much more... You my light, If Heaven had a height You would be that tall... It don't take a whole day To recognize sunshine... ... Peace.
  8. Hey, you're great! from a fellow Brookynite :) Happy Zepp-ing!

  9. Down In The Valley - Doc Watson
  10. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
  11. Hi, Ronniedawg! Wow, you must be good!. Coz a guitar player's difficult to upstage, usually. Hey, you a fan of the late great James Jamerson, of The Funk Brothers? I saw a great DVD, that the husband recommended entitled, Standing In The Shadows Of Motown. It's generally about unsung heroes in the session musician world of Motown. Well, anyways, Jamerson was GREAT!!! Think of (I'm sure you already have) the bass lines for "Ain't No Mountain High ENough (The Marvin & Tammi version), Four Tops' "Bernadette", Seven Rooms Of Gloom, etc. Hey, enjoy your new gear! I'm sure you'll blow everyon
  12. He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother) - The Hollies
  13. Living Loving Maid (she's just a woman)
  14. Hey! Long Island--I thought it was pronounced Lawn-G-island! hahaha I love Long Island--a good friend of mine lives in Freeport.
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