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  2. My parents, brother, and some of my bros friends, but zeppelin is the best
  3. I don't want any Drug Testing cause all the great bands are on drugs so there would be no good bands.
  4. I don't have one but I think I know where you can get one try looking on Photobucket.com or Google.com Images
  5. I don't know any stories but Those stories that you posted are so funny haha lol!
  6. I'm just gonna post my fav 2 from the first 4 albums Good Times Bad Times/ Communication Breakdown WHole Lotta LOve/ Ramble On Tangerine/Celebration Day Going to California/Stairway to Heaven
  7. They are symbols for there names ZoSo is Jimmy Page, The Circle and feather is RObert Plant, the three circles are John Bonham, and The circle with the weird things is John Paul Jones!
  8. This are just a few of things that i chose Going to California Tangerine Starirway to Heaven Kashmir Whole Lotta Love they are the best live!!
  9. #1 Jimmy Page #2 Van Halen #3 Jimi Hendrix
  10. this is not the order of best to least Stairway Kashmir Going to California Tangerine WHole Lotta Love
  11. Jason was awesome at the O2 concert in 2007 but his dad John was way better
  12. Yeah i'm 100% sure they would of carried on cause they were doing great so there was no reason for a split up if Bonzo didn't die.
  13. TSRTS all the way, The O2 concert was awesome but it wasen't the same without Bonzo
  14. I think Tangerine, Going to California, bron-Yr_Aur Cause there just so slow a relaxing and his lyrics in all of them are awesome!
  15. I can't choose between The first 4 led zeppelin cds
  16. I choose the dragon suit it was the best. Go Jimmy!!
  17. This is great to know cause Zeppelin rules and so do the Fans!!!!!!!!
  18. Epic, Amazing, This Wallpaper Rules Thanx
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