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  2. I'm just gonna post my fav 2 from the first 4 albums Good Times Bad Times/ Communication Breakdown WHole Lotta LOve/ Ramble On Tangerine/Celebration Day Going to California/Stairway to Heaven
  3. Jason was awesome at the O2 concert in 2007 but his dad John was way better
  4. I don't think he would, all i know is he gave one of his Gibson Les Paul to The Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando FL i got to see it!! and yes it probally would be over a million dollars!
  5. The other day on 96.5 WHTQ 100% Classic Rock a Orlando/Central Florida radio station they played Black Dog!!
  6. I went with Stairway to Heaven its amazing!!!
  7. Led Zeppelin IV #1 Stairway to Heaven #2 Going to California #3 Black Dog
  8. I listened to Black Dog and TSRTS when i was like 7 and 8 then years later i started listening to STH, WHole lotta love and now i listen to all of there songs there my favorite LED RULZS!
  9. There my favorite! Robert Plant best singer!, Jimmy Page Best Guitarist, JPJ best keyboard and bass, and Bonzo best at Drums!!!
  10. 1975 is awesome but on The dvd The Song Remains the Same its a concert from 1976 and that was my favorite.
  11. What do you think is the most layed back, relaxing zeppelin song.
  12. I love TSRTS and all of the songs but for a opening song Rock N' Roll is the best
  13. I voted LZ 1 because its original and i love it
  14. I choose Tangerine because its a layed back song but i love immigrant song, sinced i've been loving u
  15. I picked swan song because its relaxing and amazing.
  16. I like the rain songs and all of the songs but The SOng Remains the Same wins no contest!
  17. I like all of Plants vocals like Stairway to Heaven, Kashmir, Going to California.
  18. I voted Stairway to Heaven i like the lyrics but i also like Kashmir, Tangerine, and Whole Lotta Love
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